Your Spiritual Journey Through Joy

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Tune Into The Power Of JOY

What Is Joy?

Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Two of the most dopamine filled feelings that can completely shift our perspective, emotions and state of being.

Joy has been something that I personally have learned to cultivate in my own life because this feeling did not come naturally to me. Struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, after deciding to change my life, I have learned many things on my spiritual personal growth journey to finding joy and inner peace.

Joy can come in many different ways and levels. From small occurrences to grand success, joy is accessible to all of us who are willing to give it a try and are open to experiencing the ebb and flow of it.

Tuning into the feeling of joy is a choice. An active decision to feel more high vibrational, look at things in a different light and open our hearts to the love the Universe and God are trying to give us. Despite the chaos of our own existence at times, tuning into joy is noticing the light in between.

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This abundant feeling of joy is an emotional skill that takes practice to truly tune into at any moment. Even now after being on my own personal spiritual journey for 8 years, I still am in the process of mastering this blissful feeling of joy.

Yet along the way, I’ve found some useful methods to help myself tune into that joy. Today I will be sharing with you some amazing ways to tune into this feeling of joy.

Meditate On The Light Within

Meditation is a beautiful practice that can open many channels of opportunities for us. In terms of finding joy, meditation can be used to bring those feelings back to the surface when they have been lost.

A great meditation to follow is meditating on the light within. During this meditation, which can vary in length, you close your eyes and imagine a bright beaming white light in the middle of your chest. You imagine this white light expanding, clearing and opening up your heart to the Divine.

This method of meditation will REMIND you of the light that is held within you that is already existing but we sometimes forget. Such a great way to tune into joy and bliss!

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State The Facts

A heart centering activity to tune into the vibration of joy is stating the facts. This is a method I was divinely given by my guides in order to bring me back to what is existing now and what can be appreciated now.

With this method, you will be writing down facts about your current reality with a neutral perspective. This means we write what we are experiencing now, the truth around it, without any negative or positive connotations.

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For example : ” I am alive. I can breathe. I can see. Today is Monday. Today it is sunny. I have money in my bank account. I am able to pay my bills. I am safe. My family is healthy. . . ” so on and so forth!

This method allows you to look at your reality through a truthful and non-judgmental eye. I’ve experienced many mystical and joyful occurrences when doing this method repeatedly everyday. The reason why is because with this method you can come back to the present moment and look at your life in a way that shifts your perspective. From this place, joy can begin to flourish.

Inspire Yourself

The final method to tune into joy is to inspire yourself! This Universe and human experience is filled with beautiful and mystical things that can only be experienced here in this lifetime.

Inspiration can be found in all places, especially after meditating on the light within and stating the facts, you can begin to see the reality you are living for the infinite opportunity that it is.

From the endless view of sky, to the vibrancy of the trees, this Universe is overflowing with inspiration. Even from a simple walk outside, you can begin to tap into the feeling of joy.

Joy can also be tuned into from a piece of art, a piece of writing or even poetry! Pieces that inspire you from within to tune into the divinity of joy. The high vibrations meant to find you in each word, is an easy and delightful way to tune into joy.

I am so thankful to be sharing a piece of joy with you, with my new poetry book, Joyful Dreams! This a poetry book filled with poems of pure light, pure bliss, pure peace and divine joy that will inspire you whole heartedly.


The greatest thing about tuning into joy is trusting the flow of the Universe. As mentioned before, joy is a choice. Since we are humans experiencing this lifetime, we also will experience a variety of emotions.

Life is an extraordinary array of emotions and experiences. We have this opportunity to tune into joy but we also are given the flow of the Universe to carry along with us.

Tuning into joy is knowing when to give yourself the power back and when to trust the emotions as they come. No forcing, simply accepting and trying with love.

With the methods mentioned above to help you tune into joy, along with this strong trust in the Universal flow, joy is infinitely yours to experience.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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