Your Choices Through Love WILL Shift Your REALITY

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Shift Your Reality Using This High Vibrational Method.

Today’s topic is about your choices and how your choices through the vibration of LOVE, WILL shift your reality. This is such a beautiful energy to tap into, especially with this shift in the heart chakra occurring as we all continue to grow and expand into our own development.

We are also going to be talking about what it looks like to make choices from a place of love, the difference between love filled choices and lacking self love choices, how exactly making this conscious love choices can shift your reality, and the spiritual manifestation aspects of it!

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First let’s lay down the foundation as to why this is so important to make choices from a place of love and PURENESS. Because the purity behind our choices speaks loudly to our essence of love and growth! So first of all the most important thing about making these choices from love is that the outcome can affect everyone, including you of course!

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We are all one and with the law of oneness and we are tied together through our spiritual essence and souls. Therefore your choices can affect all of us. Now there is a fine line between these choices being filled with love or lacking self love. That is a difference and we are going to touch on that subject BUT in terms of purity, this is where our choices covered with the essence of love comes in.

What we do now can change our lives forever and the lives of others forever. So it’s important to know that balance between decisions that are positively SELFISH and positively SELFLESS. It goes back to the polarity of our life and how much we can experience in each vibration.

Happiness is found through love, empowerment is found through love, our actions and decisions can POWER love. It is the highest frequency and the way we make choices can set us free.

So can LOVE

This is the foundation to making these choices in the vibration of love. Making choices to set us free through the empowerment of love. 

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As I said before, there is a difference between  love filled choices and lack self love choices, along with positively SELFISH and positively SELFLESS choices. Let’s talk about that now to keep building this understanding before we get to the good spiritual manifestation parts!

So the thing is, normally when we make choices we usually think of the most favorable outcome for ourselves or what feels in natural alignment with ourselves. Which I completely agree with and believe is the best choice we can make when it naturally feels in alignment.

BUT sometimes we can make quick choices without considering who else is involved and how it may affect them. That’s why there’s the idea of lack loving choices and love filled choices. To make love filled choices literally means to make choices out of love and to make lack self loving choices is to make choices with the lack of self love.

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As in you make decisions with no love for yourself and because of that there is no love in it at all. Making choices positively selfless is good to an extent but it should never reach a point where there is no love in that decision for yourself and also vice versa.

It’s SO beautiful to help other people and be selfless at times, but sometimes you also need to make positively SELFISH choices that will help and bless you and in return also help and bless the people around you. This isn’t an easy task when the decision is a very impactful or hurtful one, but this is where an absolute trust in your intuition and guides come through to help you follow that choice that will bring love and blessings to everyone. 

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I just wanted to get that out of the way first because I know sometimes people can make choices and think either okay whatever is best for me OR okay whatever is best for THEM but there has to be a balance and a point where some choices will only benefit you now but DEEPLY benefit others in the future. There’s a trust in that chaos to believe the Divine will guide the way for everyone to be blessed, this is in part of what it looks like to make choices in love, which leads me to our next topic…

what it LOOKS like to make choices from a place of love

Making choices from love looks like a few things, first one as I mentioned was there being blessings now for yourself but even DEEPER benefits for those around you who are affected. This is because sometimes a major love choice can be made that will help you but in the long term bring so much clarity and growth to the others around you that may be affected by this decision.

Making choices from love looks like keeping yourself happy and keeping awareness around you in your heart as well. It looks like PURE intentions and pure integrity of your decisions and motives.

It looks like mindfulness, openness and FREEDOM to enjoy life knowing that you are supporting yourself and because of that supporting others along the way!

It is an internal feeling and internal knowing that the Divine has guided you through love to make choices FILLED with purity and divinity.

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Now that you know these foundations behind loving choices and what it looks like, let’s get into the goodies of how these conscious love choices can SHIFT your reality!


When we are making life changes and manifesting new experiences into our lives, a major part of this is aligning with that higher version of ourselves who already HAS those experiences and life changes completed. So making choices from a vibration of love is the most divine and aligned action you can participate in!

Imagine that every choice you made from here on out would be in that aligned action and vibration of love? You can EASILY begin to become that higher self version that has all those desires as you bring love into the experience.

Manifestation is a constant process and law that is always occurring, therefore all your actions, decisions and thoughts are constantly creating your reality, SO create it with love! Make decisions from a space of love! The WARMTH in your heart from making choices with love, will WARM up your life, helping you manifest faster with a sense of wholeness and knowing that your decisions through a place of love is helping shape your reality in so much beauty and happiness.

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THIS is where those reality shifts can take place.

When in all your choices you align with your higher self through the vibration of love to cause shifts, pushing you closer and closer to the growth and change you seek!

Now, I know this all sounds so good and amazing! 


HOW do you make choices from a place of love?

  • You start by evaluating your decisions you’ve made in your past to reflect (this does not have to be a hard process! If you carry some guilt about your decisions in the past, that’s okay because we lived through them to learn!)
  • Then you begin to practice your mindfulness (the key to awareness, the key to consciousness, the key to shifting, is experiencing the present moment! So you can make choices mindfully, you can mindfully add love to the decision) 
  • Then start to open up your heart! (practice love meditations, heart chakra meditations, happiness meditations, smile for 60 seconds a day! So many things can shift SO fast!)
  • Learn your boundaries & understand that not everyone is the same! (even after making decisions from love, some people might not like this! And that’s okay! Because everyone is on their own journey to learn and to grow)


Now in order to really help you out in this journey, I am going to giving you guys a FREE mindfulness meditation AND heart chakra meditation that I have created to help you start embodying this beautiful divine higher self version of you!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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