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Witchy Manifestation

As a young child drawn to the mystics, witchcraft was my first real experience into the occult and mystical. After years of exploring more into the mystics and spirituality, I learned about manifestation. This was transformation point in my life, as I relearned a truth that I always deep down known to be true.

What the most exciting was starting to experiment with manifestation and magic. Combining two powerful mystical tools, methods and tactics to create magical experiences almost out of thin air. This was only the beginning of using witchcraft and manifestation.

Today I am going to enlighten you on some of the mystical experiences you can create when you combine manifestation and witchcraft. To begin, it’s important to notice that the witchcraft I normally abide to is that of herbal witchcraft and candle magic.

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These forms of witchcraft have been passed down generations within my family and I have made it my own personal mission to only work as a light worker, so no bad witches over here. Therefore the witchcraft I will be discussing today will only have themes of love, joy, bliss and blessings, as all witchcraft should be.

Now my first experience of using witchcraft with actual results was was I was 9 years old and decided to do a spell to change my hair color. The spell was very easily, all you did was repeat this chant 3x a day, for 5 days straight, and you would get the results you wanted. Sounds a bit familiar to any manifestation methods you’ve heard?

Within a week, my mother was washing my hair and she made a comment about my hair color. The comment was that my hair looked like it changed colors, and it was a dark brown with light honey colored streaks.

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This made my jaw drop. As that entire past week I had been consciously repeated the chant to myself,

“My hair is long and dark brown with light honey streaks. This is my hair and so mote it be.”

This was my first encounter with a successful spell and it made me truly believe I was now officially a witch. Of course my witchcraft had advanced after this experience, but once I found out about manifestation, this was the first experience that came to mind and made me think, this is sounds familiar!

Manifestation has a very underlying theme, which is your intentions and thoughts create your reality. This is true along the world of witchcraft, as your intentions of your spells is what truly helps make the magic occur.

Witchcraft uses tools such as herbs, candles, jars and other items to make a spell complete. As for manifestation, we have the ability to use tools such as hypnosis, visualization, meditation and affirmations to help us feel more complete in our journey of bringing our desires to the 3D.

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The similarities within these two transformational topics can help us start to see how we can use both of them to create even greater magic in our lives. Imagine using the tools of witchcraft along with your powers of visualization to manifest something so drastically different in your life. This is what the magic is truly about.

The best way to start integrating these two mystical powers is by doing research on what methods call out to you. Luckily, witchcraft and manifestation have a lot of tools that can be used to create magic in your life.


  • Herbal magic
  • Candle magic
  • Chanting
  • Kitchen magic
  • Mirror magic
  • Group “covenant” magic


  • Visualization
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Subliminals
  • Reprogramming

Now its your chance to combine and experiment with methods to get transformational results in your own life. See what methods draw you in and calls to your spirit to create magic!

Manifestation has the potential to transform your life, as does witchcraft. To combine these powerhouses of forces together, there is only positive results to be expected.

Some of my favorite combinations of using witchcraft with manifestation is setting a powerful intention with a candle and visualizing the end result being completed. In this practice, your powerful intentions along with a candle offering enhance your desires by setting up the stage. While your visualizations finalize the desires in your minds eye to help you bring it to life!

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This is only the beginning of the magical manifestations you can bring into your reality when you combine witchcraft and manifestation. Some other combinations that can help you are:

  • Herbal magic & affirmations
  • Hypnosis & candle magic
  • Kitchen magic & subliminals
  • Chanting & meditation

The great thing about witchy manifestation is that you still hold the power as you would purely in manifestation and purely in spell work. And the co-creative process still works the same. Your creating this magic with the power you hold within, but with divine assistant from higher realms of consciousness trying to help you every step of the way.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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