Why Confidence Helps You Manifest

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There are certain aspects and traits that are beneficial to the manifestation process. These aspects and traits are here to help us transcend our understanding and align deeper with our capability of manifestation power. Some aspects are easier to tune into easier than others, but there is one trait that is extremely important to your manifestation process, and that is confidence.

Confidence is, defined by Oxford Languages, the feeling of being certain about the truth about something. This feeling is followed by self assurance, belief, faith and trust. Some of the major key components of manifestation.

In my own opinion, confidence can be broken into two parts, internal confidence and external confidence. Internal confidence speaks of confidence we feel within. This self assurances within ourselves. External confidence is the confidence we feel externally with the world and in terms of manifestation, the Divine.

Internal and External confidence are the basics of our entire belief system when it comes to manifestation. These forms of confidence is what pushes us forward into our manifestation journey, helps us transform our energies, provides us security in the unknown, and so much more.

It’s important to be confident in your manifestation journey because this is what makes it all real. In moments of doubt, we can use our external confidence in the Universe to help us remember that the Universe is guiding us divinely the way we need to be guided. During moments of insecurity, we can use our internal confidence to remind us that we are capable of anything.

The importance of confidence in your manifestation journey is something so deeply aligned with your higher self. Because your higher self already has all these manifestations in their reality and they feel highly confident about them.

Let’s take a closer look on how internal and external confidence affects our manifestation journey and process.

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How Does Internal Confidence Affect Your Manifestations

As mentioned above, Internal confidence is defined by confidence we feel within. This confidence is all about what we feel within ourselves. How we think of ourselves, how we feel about our capability to do things, and how we feel about our power to create.

This internal confidence affects your manifestations because what we feel within is what we can manifest outside of us. Because manifestation is a reflection of what we feel and think within. If we are feeling powerful and capable within to have all our desires, then this confidence radiates and inspires us to continue taking action. The power we have within is in direct relationship to confidence we feel within to make these things manifest.

Internal confidence is what inspires you to move forward within yourself. To continue the journey of manifestation even when things have yet to unfold and transform. This internal confidence speaks in waves of motivation. When you feel internal confidence, you will never have resistance, at least the bad kind.

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How To Have Internal Confidence

Internal confidence is a trait that can be built with conscious awareness and practice. This is something that will take time, as any skill would, yet is incredibly worth the patience and effort into achieving for the sake of your manifestation and personal growth journey.

Some ways to begin practicing internal confidence is to make a list of some aspects of yourself that you are proud to have. This list can be made physically on paper in a journal or mental list that you make when you aren’t completely distracted to do so.

The list should begin with statements such as

” I love that I am…”

” I adore that I have this wonderful trait of…”

” I’m so grateful that I am …. because it makes me …”

These are wonderful starters to enhancing your awareness of your internal confidence at times that you are not focusing on it. Because during these times you can easily program your mind into feeding into these facts about yourself and making them more radiant within you.

Another way to practice having internal confidence is when you are experiencing something that may feel uncomfortable or unfavorable to you. During these times it’s easy to get stuck into a trap of negative thinking about the external world, which can lead to negative momentum in the internal world as well.

It’s important that during these times you practice mindfulness, which I have two powerful ways to start this habit in a podcast episode here. Mindfulness during these moments will help you ground yourself back to your basic understanding of your internal confidence. This is when reciting that list you made before about things you adore about yourself would come in handy.

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How Does External Confidence Affect Your Manifestations

External confidence is feeling confident about the external world. This external world in reference to manifestation is your Divine guidance. This can be your Spirit Guides, your Angels, God, the Universe, whatever you believe in and resonate with is what this external world is defined as.

External confidence affects your manifestations because this confidence has to do with your security and faith in the world and your Divine guides. Manifestation is a co-creative process, meaning your magic and power within is not the sole cause of your manifestations. You need the external power of the Universe and your guides to make the impossible possible. This external power looks like meeting a certain person or having something unexpected occur to you. Yet all these things come externally outside of you to make what you feel internally real.

Having external confidence is having faith and confidence in your Divine guides to help you get exactly where you desire to be and desire to manifest in life. With the external confidence and security you have in these external forces, you are able to manifest things that seem completely unreal and magical, because they truly are.

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How To Have External Confidence

Having external confidence is another key component in the manifestation process and journey. As mentioned before with internal confidence, the process of practicing and achieving external confidence is one that takes patience and persistence. Yet once fully emerged within this trait, you will always be reminded to feel this way.

There is three powerful ways that you can learn to have external confidence or faith in the Universe. You can find these three powerful tips from my YouTube channel using this link here.

These three powerful methods are proven to work when done with conscious awareness and willingness to persistence with them. It’s important to know that with external confidence you will also be gaining more internal confidence within since both of these types of confidence can help you transcend in faith in your spiritual manifestation journey.

To gain more spiritual insight on manifestation, check out my membership clubs I have available here to ascend more.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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