Use The 4 Noble Truths To Kick Start Your Spiritual Journey

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In my own personal journey, Buddhism was the beginning of my spiritual journey into self awareness, self healing and expansion that brings me to a joyful place today.

When beginning my studies in Buddhism, I began with the very basics such as the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path. After months of studying & persistence in this way of life, I had completely changed my life from depression, suicidal thoughts and self harming behaviors, to pure happiness, joy and inner love that radiates within.

These lessons learned through Buddhism have completely changed my life. Today we will be looking into the basic and most important foundations of Buddhism to help you start this journey to achieve the same bliss and love within.

What Are The 4 Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths are 4 essential truths that Buddha has put into place to help us understand the basics of life. These truths help us bring awareness to what our lives are made of and what the World is experiencing. It gives us the awareness that in life somethings will always be true but it does not discourage us from making our lives blissful.

The Truth Of Suffering

The first Noble Truth is that life is suffering. In life there is suffering that is inevitable because this is the way life is sometimes. This may not sound very blissful in reality but it is a very important lesson to learn.

Our lives are meant to have a variety of experiences. Our emotions are all meant to be experienced and so for our experiences. We could not be humans if it wasn’t for our emotions and experiences. These are things that shape us indefinitely.

When Buddha says that life is suffering, he wants us to know the truth of our reality. We may experience hurt very deeply but we may also experience happiness very profoundly. This is a normal part of our lives.

The Origin Of Suffering

This second Noble Truth gives us the awareness that this suffering has an origin, as all our emotions do. It gives us the awareness that behind all emotions, all suffering, there is more than what meets the eyes.

Throughout all of our suffering, there is a cause and if we do not know it yet, it will be revealed to us because all things have an origin.

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The End Of Suffering

The third Noble Truth gives us hope and inspiration that there is an end to this suffering. Although it is a normal part of life to suffer at times, it is also a normal part of life to end this suffering we experience.

This gives us the awareness that all things that have a beginning also have an end, giving us the truth that we have the opportunity to end anything that does not serve us into our journal of bliss.

The Path To Ending Suffering

The final and fourth Noble Truth gives us the most bliss and inspiration of all, which is that there is a path to end this suffering. Buddha gives us this inspirational path through the Eight Fold Path, a set of actions that will lead us further into our bliss.

Through dedication and awareness, this truth gives us the guidance that there is more to life than suffering and there is a way to achieve it.

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These Four Noble Truths are so important to our spiritual journey and helping you begin yours as they give you an open awareness of what life is capable of.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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