Understanding The Nature Of Manifestation

The Nature Of Manifestation symbolized in nature
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Manifestation is a divine tool that can be used consciously to transform our lives into our wildest dreams. These experiences of bringing our dreams into reality can be mystical, magical and life altering.

Everyone experiences manifestation differently but there is a common theme we need to know about manifestation and it’s nature.

Understanding the nature of manifestation benefits you because it allows you to become more aware of the journey you are now settling on. This understanding will enlighten you about the perspective you should keep in mind when being guided and when guiding yourself intuitively to your desires.

The more awareness you can receive, the more easily prepared you’ll be. Of course, manifestation does involve a lot of unknown experiences and circumstances. Yet let’s take a look at how the nature of manifestation is, so you can have an idea of the magic and expansion that lies ahead.

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Understand Nature To Understand Manifestation

To understand the nature of manifestation one must first understand this concept. Manifestation is a natural Universal law that is happening at all times. This means that manifestation is part of the natural flow of the world and is naturally found in our life.

Manifestation can easily be compared to nature itself, because nature and manifestation are both natural universal laws that make our reality. When you think about nature, in particular plants or trees, everything starts with a seed in the soil.

This seed can come from another tree or plant, birds carrying seeds or even someone planting the seed themselves.

Symbolizing planting the seeds of your manifestation
Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

The next step is giving it the nutrients needed to grow. This can be sunlight, actual liquid nutrients or simply a nice foundational soil to begin with. After this it is all a matter of waiting, tending and continuously caring for the plant that is being grown.

The time for this plant to blossom and flower depends on the plant itself and the conditions it is being grown in.

Where The Comparison Begins

Now when comparing this to manifestation and it’s nature, one can see that the process to manifesting is simple as long as you are dedicated to the process. The comparisons start with the seed. When you decide you want to manifest something you are planting a seed in the Universe as to what your desire is.

After planting this seed into your heart and the Universe, the powers of the Universe begin to receive the intention you placed into the ground and start to work with you to make it possible. This is where your attentive care comes in.

Symbolizing the care you put into your manifestations

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

To start giving more growth and progress to your manifestations, you must actively become aware of how you can expand it. Sometimes this is internal work that must be done to water your manifestations with growth.

This can also be physically putting time into bringing light to your manifestations by actively doing things that enhance the feelings of it manifesting in your life.

All Things Take Time

The time it takes for your manifestation to starting growing and forming leaves of reality into your life depends entirely on the manifestation itself and the Universe. Therefore, you can only provide care and support to it’s growth with complete faith of it’s unfoldment occurring.

This is the nature of manifestation. One where you must put in effort to make it grow yet trust that Universe is providing the perfect nutritional soil to allow it to blossom. You can understand this creation you are making requires patience, persistence and consistency to show incredible results.

If you want to see the fruits of your manifestation blossom, give yourself time to plant the seeds in the right soil. Water it daily with love and support. Give it the nutrients needed to help it grow in certain areas. Lastly, wait with abundance and love for the blossom that is inevitably coming your way.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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