Types Of Manifestation Resistance

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Resistance may at first come with a negative sentiment. When you hear the word resistance, some images might come to mind. For example someone powerfully pulling back on something, pushing something away or even struggling to keep something out of their view. Yet resistance comes in two ways, positive resistance and negative resistance. These two forms of resistance are important to understand in our manifestation journey as we try to expand into our desired realities. Let’s take a look at these two forms of resistance to further understand their insight on us.

Negative Resistance In Your Manifestation Journey

Resistance in our manifestation journey is something we will experience at various parts of our spiritual manifestation expansion. This resistance is here to serve us in great purpose, provide clarity and to help us transcend the different levels of our manifestation journey.

Understanding resistance is important because without resistance there would not be a spiritual manifestation journey and heart filled expansion to go on. Resistance comes in forms that we may recognize as negative or as positive. Yet with this in mind, resistance is a basic necessity in our manifestation quest.

At it’s core definition, resistance means a refusal or unacceptance of a specific change or circumstance. Resistance is the essence of pushing back, shifting away from and avoidance of something. This definition of resistance is rightfully negative.

The reason why it is, is because as a society we have found the ability to label and associate resistance with circumstances that only involve resistance in particular things that are negative or uncomfortable to fall into.

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This form of negative resistance can show up many ways in our manifestation journey. Negative resistance can be expressed through resisting change. This can be resisting new habits, new thought patterns and even a new life. This form of negative resistance is something we all experience when first starting our journey into spiritual manifestation.

This resistance can also be attached to the unknown. When resisting our manifestation, in our core the feelings are ones of distrust, fear and anxiety. This is because when stepping into the unknown of our manifestations, things can unfold in any way they are meant to. This means at any time, any moment, anything can happen and may happen.

This fear of this unknown and mysterious place can bring a lot of resistance within. There will be resistance of course because you are stepping into something completely unknown and uncharted, therefore it is something unfamiliar and your mind will not be so keen to experiencing this new territory.

This negative resistance can be dealt with easily thankfully. It does take commitment and empowerment within yourself to continue the journey and practice regardless of how long it make take. Yet it makes it all completely worth your manifestation journey.

Listen to this podcast episode here to learn ways to deal with negative resistance.

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Positive Resistance In Your Manifestation Journey

Now the opposite of negative resistance is positive resistance. If you thought resistance could only be a bad thing, well I am here to open your eyes to the possibility of other opportunities and mindsets.

Positive resistance is your beautiful persistence into keeping your old beliefs away and bringing in the new ones. This form of resistance is key to making major changes in your life when you are trying to manifest. With positive resistance you will be able to stay concise with your manifestation dreams and align with the mindset that is needed for the perfect unfoldment.

Positive resistance is when you resistance your old mindset, thought patterns and behaviors. This can look like acting calmly when normally something that annoys you occurs. This can also look like choosing to be confident in your financial abundance instead of feeling worried when bills come in.

This form of resistance is key to forming the life you desire because this resistance is what brings the new you into form. You are starting to the take steps into programing your mind into the new reality you desire with constant resistance to the past.

It is important to acknowledge that this form of resistance is no way avoiding and pushing back on old beliefs with a sense of negative resistance. Because negative resistance of your old habits will only bring them up more and shove them down further into your being.

So with this form of positive resistance, when negative and old thought patterns arise, you will be taking note of them, accepting them and releasing them to allow a new thought pattern come to life. This is a game of give and take. Give yourself the acknowledgement of old beliefs to take in the ones that favor you most.

This closely is related to narrative shifting, where you shift your narrative in the present moment to align with your desired self. You can watch the video on this topic using this link here.

Positive resistance will continue to follow you throughout your manifestation journey until the new mindset and behaviors are deeply engrained within. To learn more about spiritual manifestation, insight and inspiration, listen to my weekly podcast using this link here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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