Truth Behind Inner Strength

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Spiritual Inner Strength Is Calling You

Inner strength is our foundation into bringing all our desires, hope and achievements into reality, as we grow and expand from our strength within. Just as inner strength is our foundation, it’s also essential to find strength in the challenges we face.

Because you know I’ve been through challenges, you’ve been through challenges, we’ve all been through something and that’s okay! But let’s start shifting and empowering ourselves to find strength despite these situations.

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Life has polarity. We are living in this life form for a reason and part of life is the universal law of polarity. This law states that basically everything has it’s polar opposite. This means that with every good emotions, there are bad emotions. With every great moments, there are bad moments. This isn’t something to get upset about. It’s honestly something to rejoice, because within our polarity exists our growth!

Have you ever truly learned something deeply within that changed your life forever through a positive experience?

YES and NO!

Because life has it’s polarity! Some lessons can be learned so deeply through positive moments but some lessons MUST be learned through harsh or tough experiences.

Life is meant for lessons and expansion, we move with the Universe and age into more development. This is our journey! This is our opportunity to find strength in our challenges.

One thing we tend to forget is that Nothing is HAPPENING TO Us, it is happening FOR US.

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Our consciousness has the ability to move through challenges, our EGOS are the ones that cannot go through them because of the fear that we place in our bodies. Fear is there to protect us from actual physical dangers. BUT truthfully,  our challenges most of the time do not have the outcomes of actual physical harm.

Of course this is not the case for everyone, including myself. But still, even though our egos are trying to protect us, it is NOT to run away and hide, it is to face our challenges with strength and understand that we have the ability to move through everything.

NO situation is made to make things worse. The Infinite Universe has a plan that is meant to help you in all aspects, in all growths, to literally make you STRONGER. To HELP you find your strength! Find strength through reflecting on this right now.

Say to yourself and ask yourself right now, I am here, I am alive, I am BREATHING and I am still here despite everything I have been through.

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Each situation in life is giving us an opportunity to grow more and become stronger. Deeply within all aspects of our lives, we have the conscious free will to find will POWER.

In my own experience, my challenges have made me who I am today and continue to develop me into the woman I become. Through the challenges I faced, I was able to obtain more clarity, more gratitude and more experience from the polarity of life to grow myself within. The people around me believe in this strength and overcoming difficult situations. They inspire me and I am inspired by life to continue finding my own strength despite the challenges I face.

Of course asking for help and seeking that inspiration actively is always beneficial to you. Sometimes part of finding your own strength through the challenges is finding the strength to ASK for help and to BE inspired to take action and move forward despite what is going on.

Even on a spiritual and divine sense, ask your guides for help, ask your guides for inspiration and allow yourself to be open to receiving what God and the Universe has in store for you.

Allow the moment to guide you into strength.

I hope you find it within yourself to find the strength within and find the joy within. As you know my new and first ever poetry book Joyful Dreams is now out! So allow the poems in this book inspire you and help you find your own strength within.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Sheila is a spiritual ascension mystic and the founder of Ivemanifest, that has been on a spiritual self help journey for almost 10 years now. Here to inspire others through bliss, peace and spiritual happiness, Sheila dedicates herself to expanding as a person to lift ad expand the collective.

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