The Verity Of Your Manifestations

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Life is constantly in an ebb and flow of change. One day we are here, happy, filled of life and love. The next day we can be completely empty, sad and feeling lost. This is a part of life. It is our natural polarity to experience all emotions. This is the truth within our existence.

Yet another truth that we are constantly uncovering is the verity of our manifestations and what they truly mean to us. Which in comparison to life, can have it’s polarity on what we desire to manifest. But what stays the same is the true intention behind it.

To examine the verity of your manifestations is to completely break apart all aspects of the “desire” it self and the what aspect of it.

You must completely shed these layers of belief to truly see what your fundamental truth is behind it.

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Verity in it’s own definition means a true principle, a belief, one of fundamental importance. This is exactly what we want to find within our manifestations.

What is the true principle behind this desire?

What beliefs do I have around this desire that make me even want it in the first place?

What is the fundamental importance of me obtaining this desire and why is it even fundamentally important to me?

These past few weeks in my personal life have brought a lot to the surface, and also has changed a lot of my desires and things that I want to manifest. I do not resent this, for my natural inclination for change is what my life path number represents, it’s normal for me to change my desires from time to time as life continues to change itself.

This is completely normal, once again, it is part of the polarity and constant evolution of our souls.

Yet what remains the same is the truth behind those desires, those fundamental important aspects of it that continue to vibrationally feel the same but can look so drastically different.

That being said, this goes back to the verity of your manifestations. Even if things are changing and the polarity of life continues to expand, your principles behind your desires will always remain the same because the emotional and raw vibration of it continues to be the same.

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Why It’s Important To Know The Verity Of Your Manifestations

Stripping back the image of your desires to it’s truthful intention allows you to fall in alignment without attachment.

This is such a powerful sentence and statement because it is so deeply accurate. The reason why is due to the fact that manifestation is solely based on a vibrational match system. When we are vibrationally in alignment, we manifest our desires into this vibrational reality. Everything is energy, everything is vibrations.

Manifestation is also a divine co-creative process. Regardless of what you believe in, these mystical things occurring around us at all times have the ability to bring physical things into our lives. Once we acknowledge this partnership, we give the power to these mystical energies to bring our desires to us in the most favorable way possible.

Sometimes even better than we had even imagined.

This is falling in alignment without attachment, this is trusting the vibrations and the process without attachment to the circumstances that come in between.

Manifesting your desires can look so drastically different in every single possible way because this is in infinite Universe, therefore there is infinite possibilities.

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But in the end, the one thing that remain the same is that vibration, that energy and those emotional feelings that were placed in the beginning. The verity of your manifestations are what come to life.

How To Find The Verity Of Your Manifestations

The easiest way to do this, if we were to put it in a simple step matter, would go as following:

  1. List out your desires one by one
  2. List out the individual feelings that each of these desires make you feel
  3. Dig deeper and ask yourself, why do I want these things? What will these desires do for me? Why is it important for me to have these desires?
  4. Review your notes and gather the main theme of each of your desires in an emotional aspect. Is the main theme freedom? Happiness? Security? Fulfillment
  5. Get clear on this theme and try to find the top 3 words to describe it, this is the verity of your manifestations

Now everything else outside of this, is just things and situations. But the foundation of where they stem from is found in those 3 themes. This begins to give you a freedom in a form so deeply infinite because now you know that this is the feeling you are trying to achieve.

This is the simple way of doing this. The more expansive way is sitting with yourself, reflecting on your past, your astrological chart and what your true soul’s purpose is. This is something that is not done quickly nor in a short amount of time. This is a spiritual journey that leads to mysticism greater than you could ever imagine.

Each of us in this lifetime will experience this, at our own pace and time.

Coming back to Earth now, we understand that our desires can change and the themes behind them can remain. Let yourself be free in your exploration of life and enjoy this human reality we are here to experience. As long as you understand the verity of your manifestations, you will always be manifesting it from a space of infiniteness.

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