The Results Of Spiritual Ascension In This Reality

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There is a whole world ahead of you upon your spiritual ascension

One of the most beautiful and divine things about being human is our ability to grow and expand. We truly are connected and related to Nature in this way, as we have endless and infinite opportunities to grow.

If you’re familiar with my story, you will know that in my own personal spiritual growth journey that once I began the process of ascension, the path was unfolded in front of me in full swing.

The Founder Of Ivemanifest, Sheila Mella

The Founder Of Ivemanifest, Sheila Mella

There is an abundance of reasons as to why a spiritual ascension journey is something you should embark on. But today I will be sharing with you only 3 of the exciting results you can expect from starting this journey.

Manifestation couldn’t be easier

Once you begin your spiritual ascension journey, it’s an easy breeze into the world of manifestation. You’ll notice that once your spiritual ascension reaches a certain level of awareness, you will have this effortless power within to manifest.

The best part is that it doesn’t even have to be conscious manifestation either. As a result of ascending on your spiritual journey, you’ll find that things come to you with ease. Since your at such a high frequency already, you can expect a lot of miracles and mystical things flowing and manifesting into your life.

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Manifestation is already an ongoing process and natural law that cannot be shut off and the best way to always manifest magical things into your life is to be at a magical frequency most of the time.

This is something you’ll naturally be tuning into once you’ve reach certain levels in your spiritual ascension journey that have sparked these emotions within you.

Miraculous Healing Can Happen

Physical healing through manifestation and intention is 100% possible when you are on this spiritual ascension journey. Of course, the right intentions and acceptance of opportunities and remedies must be in mind. This is something you’ll deeply understand as you ascend higher on your spiritual journey.

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Yet you can expect to bring miraculous physical healing, emotional healing and mental healing into your life once you start this journey and keep on it.

This fascinating art of physical healing through manifestation and intention is something you can only tap into once you truly tap into your internal divine power and connections.

Higher Consciousness Is INevitable

Another great thing about embarking on a spiritual ascension journey is the higher consciousness you will inevitably obtain.

Part of the spiritual ascension is leveling higher in the divine connection and awareness you hold within. Once you begin to embark on this journey, your consciousness will also expand with it.

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Having a higher consciousness means to be highly more awareness, conscious and open to receiving the highest frequencies and vibrations.

This is a life altering event as you continue to transcend your awareness into something more revealing. The more you reveal, the more you uncover, the more you know and the more you will bring into your life’s understanding and perception.

how to start your spiritual ascension

If these 3 results sound interesting to you, then you will definitely love starting your own journey, as these are only 3 of the small things you can expect from starting this path.

The best way to start this journey is following your intuition and begin building a relationship to yourself and the divine powers you hold within.

If you’re unsure what this means and still need some more clarity and guidance, please look into joining our Spiritual Manifestation Collective. This collective was made to inform you and guide you on this journey while learning and expanding at the same time.

Another great resource is our Mystic Readings, where you can receive energetic and intuitive readings that can provide clarity and guidance on where to start as well.

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sheila mella

Sheila is a spiritual ascension mystic and the founder of Ivemanifest, that has been on a spiritual self help journey for almost 10 years now. Here to inspire others through bliss, peace and spiritual happiness, Sheila dedicates herself to expanding as a person to lift ad expand the collective.

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