The Power You Have Within

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Let’s have an inspirational chat about the abundance of power and unseen magic you have within and around you at all times okay?

Living in our daily routines and activities, we tend to forget the overwhelming power that is around us and within us at all times. We allow ourselves to get sucked into this world of limited possibilities and frustrations with the routines we have set up for ourselves or for better description, the routines set up by our outer world that now have us trapped in what feels like an endless loop of the same current reality.

Have you reached a point in your life where you begin to question and wonder if there is actually more to this basic routine the outer world has put us into? Well I have wonderful news for you, there is more to this current reality, a whole lot more.

I know it’s frustrating to live the same current reality without any motivation or inspiration from the Universe that there is something more out there for us. But it is now time to realize there is, in our still minds of mindfulness, let us connect to the infinite possibilities and existence that is happening around us right now.

Take a moment to close your eyes and step into the present infinite moment. Don’t think about anything, just use your senses to listen, to feel, to hear and to smell. It’s okay, I’ll wait for you here.

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Did you feel that sense of calmness and infinite existence for a moment there? If not that’s okay, we can practice that mindfulness together in my TIDC membership

Yet even if you felt it for a small bit, you just tapped into your infinite power. This infinite power is existing within the present moment at all times ready to be tapped into and ready to give you infinite magic and possibilities.


What this means is that you have the unlimited power within you to create anything you desire. You have the infinite possibility within you to start your life over right now, within this exact moment, exactly how you are.

Having this power within us means we have the magic to create anything in our lives. We have the power to change our diets, we have the power to change our thought patterns, we have the power to lose weight, we have the power to become a millionaire, we have the power to do anything and everything that is possible in the infinite world of infinite possibilities because we are a POWER HOUSE.

This temple of our physical bodies are our homes. We nurture it, sometimes good and sometimes bad, as we continue to give it the basic necessities it needs to survive. We sleep, we eat, we walk around, go to work to make money to pay for our food, to pay for the place to sleep, to pay for the existence of existing in this grounded world. We are here doing all this things for our house of our bodies, our home, our temple.

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The continued care of our temple is storing a power within it that is continuously being either upgraded or diminished by our experiences in this infinite present moment. In our times of pure bliss we enjoy the present moment effortlessly. In our times of pure disappointment we ignore the present moment consciously.

We have the power within us to create anything regardless of our experiences that come to us. We can see our experiences through a different light when we use our power within us to perceive it in that way. There is a reason why when we close our eyes and visualize our dreams, we can see them so clearly and feel them so clearly because the power within us is generating that experience for us.

This power generates all our experiences and how to perceive them to receive the possible outcome. Using this same power, let us change our lives and step into a new world. A world where our power is our divine guidance speaking to us, where our power is our soul’s message and call to us to keep going, keep pushing forward and to keep feeling the inspiration that is existing within us infinitely always.

You have the conscious decision to do this. You have the power within you to do all of this. You have the power to change your thoughts and change your life. Yet we allow the outer world to dim this light sometimes and allow it to affect us so deeply that we cannot even see the peak of light anymore.

This power within us, this divine guidance and soul calling is what wants us to change and reach deeply into our dreams and goals. This feeling could not exist without the power within us sparking that fire. Choose to make your life and create your life with the same power that speaks your life.


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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Power You Have Within The Ivemanifest Podcast

Hello my loves! Today's podcast episode is about the power you have within, this includes the power to self develop, mindset changes, manifesting, and evolving as a person. This podcast is very inspired and a message I felt called to share to those interested in growing more as a person and creating themselves in the best mental, physical, and emotional versions of themselves. Use the power you have within!🌟Important Links🌟The Ivemanifest Delights Club, launching October 15th! Ivemanifest on Instagram for personal updates, inspirational and motivational poetry pieces and much more! out the Ivemanifest website for the blog, products and more The Ivemanifest Mystical Community Group to connect with like minded spiritual beings and evolve in your community! love you so much, thank you for being here and I will talk to you again soon!The Ivemanifest Podcast, hosted by Sheila Mella, embraces self development, personal growth and improvement through active mindfulness, awareness, manifesting and embracing the spiritual journey of daily life. Mindset improvement is progression and evolution of this physical reality we live in, come along on the journey to personal development and growth with The IvemanifestSupport the showFind Out More About Ivemanifest and HOW We Can Help You Ascend Lifetimes Of

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