The Power Of Channeling

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Become A Divine Channel To Source

Channeling can be defined as a mystical and spiritual experience, when you receive guidance and high vibrational frequency messages from Higher Beings. This experience can transcend your life, perspective and change all aspects of how you may view your current situation and future experiences to come.

In today’s blog, we will be diving into the power of channeling, how can You channel guidance and the best practices to keep you safe and vibrationally positive with the channels you open.

Personal Experience

Now in my own experience, channeling was something that I would see very early on as a child through family members. I did not understand what it was and in fact we never called it “channeling” but instead it was more so of a “jumping into / onto” state of being. I am translating this from the actual word we would use in Spanish, which is “Montaron.”

As a child, this was something normal as it came from Divine Godly sources so it was never something that seemed crazy or odd to me. I simply understood from what I would see and learned more as I began to grow and ask questions.

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Channeling now has been something very common in my life, and although I do not have the same wild experiences of jumping into / onto state of beings as I have seen from my family members (Which I believe is for protection – We will get back to that in a bit) but I have had some amazing experiences that shifted my perspective and gave me the exact guidance I needed in the moment.

Channeling VS Signs

To not confuse you, there is a difference between receiving signs and channeling. Receiving signs from the Universe is kind of like the bread crumbs left behind to lead you to the actual cookie, or guidance in this case. But channeling is the whole cookie itself, along with the great beverage of your choice to go along with it to give you the most perfect combination and source of guidance.

In my own personal experience of channeling, it usually starts my a high intensity emotion coming along, like pure bliss, tears filling my eyes as I can’t keep up with the overwhelming vibrations starting to peak in and shortly after comes the message.

The message can be heard in several different ways, it could be through actual writing, through music on the radio, through an actual voice or even another person who has allowed themselves to be clearly open to receiving the channel.

After the channel is opened and the message is communicated, usually afterwards I have this very weird feeling of “coming back to myself” like I wasn’t in my body before until now. It is a feeling of coming back to the present moment reality in a way, but different because you know that you were not present just a few moments ago.

Everyone Is Different

Everyone’s experience in channeling is different and this is why I mentioned the protection thing earlier. This is because when receiving channels from the Divine, the Universe and your guides will NOT give you the whole run down if you are afraid of it. You will NOT hear an actual voice speaking outside of you if that scares you. You will NOT hear a voice in your head that sounds like someone else if that scares you. You will NOT feel anything, receive any channels in a form or matter that will frighten you, because your guides only want to help you.

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I learned this early on as I started to channel because seeing family members going into a trance when they channeled did not scare me, but the thought of it happening directly to me kind of did. This is why I have not gone through that same form of experiencing channels, because my guides could sense that there was still some hesitation.

Instead, they would ease me into it. For example, some of the earliest forms of channeling I ever experienced was through journaling. I would journal and invite my guides in for guidance through my pen, and they would write through me. Then next thing you know, I feel like I am back in my body again and I look at what was written and it would be in a different style, different grammar and different matter of speaking all together.

This is how I realized it wasn’t me who wrote that message, but instead it was channeled and given to me in a form that I could handle in that moment.

Before You Try It

This is something very important that you should remember when beginning your journey into channeling. Understand that your guides will not do anything that will scare you but slowly expose you to the powers they have to channel messages to you.

As I mentioned before, one of the other topics we would be discussing today was the best practices to channel so you are in only Godly vibrations of receiving. So let’s get into that.

Now that you know that your guides will never do anything to scare you when you are channeling, you know exactly what to look for when you are channeling. In this world we have polarity in everything. This also applies to energies. There is good energy and bad energy. There is light energy and dark energy.

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Channeling is a very sensitive subject if you are not closely in tune with your guides or communicate with them often. By this I mean, if you are not familiar with their energy, begin to build that relationship now. Because one of the honest truths about channeling is that sometimes channels can be received from dark and bad energies, and we obviously do NOT want that.

This can be avoided by recognizing the feelings. If you start feeling scared when channeling, start to pray to the Divine to only bring light to you, positivity to you and pure Godly energy to you only. Another way to avoid this is to get into the habit of starting off your channeling sessions by inviting only the Divine and pure Godly beings in for your guidance and channels.

Your guides are always here to protect you, but you have to ask. They do not interfere with certain aspects of your life unless you directly ask them to.

Since we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how You can start your channeling journey.

There is a few different methods that can be used. I will show you 3 of my own that I have personally used and have stood by its effectiveness in helping me receive guidance and pure Godly vibrations.

Method #1 – Writing Method

I kind of went over this method a little bit earlier but here’s some more details on this method. Essentially you want to get a journal or even a piece of paper and start by praying to your guides to come through your pen to channel messages for you. Ask them to only bring divine guidance, pure and godly beings in to help you channel a message that you may need to hear or specifically want the answer to.

From there, starting writing this sentence out on your paper

” Dear Spiritual and Godly guides of the purest light and love, please channel through me now messages you may have…”

Of course like I said if you are asking for guidance on something specifically you can reword that sentence to match that. But from there on you just allow the words to flow to you. Notice I said FLOW. This means that you are NOT thinking about writing, you are not thinking about words or what will come out.

My best way to get to the other side of channeling is starting by curling my pen on the page over and over again until I no longer feel the need to write something. This is to distract your mind from wanting to control the words or sentences that come out.

This method does take practice because the hardest part is trying to get your mind to clearly shut off for just a second so your guides can actually write what they need to. But it takes effort in surrendering and letting go of the conscious mind to let the higher mind come in.

Method #2 – The Book Method

This method has always been a little gem for me. I personally love reading and therefore own many books. I’ve been graced to even go to a garage sale and find a whole box of spiritual books.

In this method, you will grab a book, whichever one your intuition feels call to or even your favorite book. And before opening the book, you close your eyes and place your hands on the book and your heart and pray to your guides to flip to a page for a channeled message that is meant to find you.

When you feel that energetic shift happen, trust that your guides are now leading you the message you need to hear. Grab the book and flip through the pages quickly until you feel that strong urge to stop.

Sometimes your guides will force the stop by making a sound that distracts you. For example like your phone randomly goes off or you hear a car on the street honk their horn.

I have had wild experiences with this. The pages always give me a channeled message that is deeply resonate with my current situation or vibration. This method does not take much practicing other than just being aware of your surroundings and trusting your intuition.

Method #3 – Second Person Channel

The most fascinating channel experience I have ever had has been receiving a channeled message from someone else. Especially when I am so distracted and unaware of the channel because the message has now been given to someone else to help you.

In this method, which you honestly have no control of but can use some mediums to help arrange, a person you are close to gives you the channeled message.

With my own personal experience with this method, my husband, who NEVER channels nor is very much into spirituality or mysticism, began to feel all the sensations of channeling before the message came out.

I was telling him about one of my dreams and his eyes began to water, he got chills and began to cry then finally said the message to me. I was so distracted in that moment when I was telling him the dream that he had to repeat the message twice.

After realizing what had just happened, he said that he felt weird and like he wasn’t in his body just now. This is pure channeling from sacred Divine beings in the most sacred divine timing to help share a message.

As mentioned before, these are situations that you have no control over but mediums can be used to enhance it. These mediums can be tarot cards or oracle cards. Someone very close to you can pull cards for you to receive those messages and channels.

Channeling is a divine sacred form of receiving guidance. With the proper practices, you can obtain pure Godly information that can transcend your life forever. Channel with conscious and protective light intentions and you will be amazed at what can be revealed.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post finds you well.

If you’re looking for more mysticism be sure to check out my other blogs and my new poetry book, Joyful Dreams. A poetry book that definitely has channels for you.

So much love


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