What Is The Law Of Attraction?

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The Magical Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction, a concept of attracting certain scenarios and lifestyles, has been around since the late 1800s, when Russian spiritualist, Helena Blavatsky introduced this concept during a new age of thinking in her book Isis Unveiled Vol 1 & Vol 2.

This began an age of new wave thought leaders and mindset shifters that inspired many important figures in the world of the Law Of Attraction such as Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill and many more.

To understand this concept of attraction and to begin to use it in our advantage, we must understand exactly what is this law. Likewise, we must know how the definitions can vary from thought leader to the next and yet relate in one simple way.

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Everything you think, everything you say, everything you feel, is emitting a frequency that attracts that same thoughts, feelings, and words.

Isis Unveiled, Helena Blavatsky

The law of attraction first introduced

When Helena Blavatsky first introduced this concept of the “empire of attraction,” as she refers to the law of attraction in Isis Unveiled Vol 1, it is expressed that this law is something that has supreme power over us whether we consciously observe it or not.

Which leads into another topic of how this law of attraction may be frightening, but that is another blog to discuss at another time.

However, as this supreme power of the law of attraction exist, it is easy to understand one thing. Although we may not believe in this magical power the Universe has to provide us, we can at the very least watch how we speak, feel and think about our daily lives.

This is the essence of our lives, the affirmations that we tell ourselves create our reality. How you speak about your life creates your life. This topic is given more in depth here.

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It has been proven through the examples of the placebo effect, that our minds are strong enough in their powers to believe something, that we can create a reality through them.

Such examples come from the various amount of sugar pills given to patients without their knowledge and seemingly getting better results of any ailments through a fake pill versus a real medication.

Yet through this obvious example, we can say the same thing about our lives and actions. The law of attraction is the idea that what we think, feel and say is what we are going to attract into our lives.

Through the delusion of a sugar pill working for a patient with an illness, we have the same power of this delusion with our lives.

Our minds are incredibly powerful and can create all sorts of scenarios through conscious awareness of unconscious awareness.

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Now if we were to think more positive, feel more powerful and say magical things about our lives, just like the reality created by the placebo effect, we can do the same things with our lives.

We can create something with just the simple belief that it is happening and it is working.

Through this new wave of thinking, feeling and speaking, we can begin to bring certain things in our lives that match those feelings, thoughts and words. This happens because we are in a Universe of attraction, karma and magic.

Just like the placebo effect, one can magically believe something to be real without actual proof, and it came become real through the forces and powers of the Universe.


There is many aspects of the law of attraction that can be discussed, such as having faith, the methods to attract and what can be blocking you from attracting a certain person, place, event or thing.

Some of the most popular examples of how to use the Law of Attraction is through methods such as visualization, meditation and affirmations. Yet there is a whole deeper level of conscious awareness that can be tuned into when using this natural law.

If you’re interested in diving deep into this world of attraction and bringing in your desires through manifestation, check out The Ivemanifest Podcast, a podcast to gain clarity and guidance as you open your life to new possibilities.

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