Spiritual Self Healing Journey Recap Week 2

Expanding Into Ease

Week 2 is officially here!

I’m grateful to be bringing you another week of ascension as I continue to embark on a healing journey that is very wholesome and important to me.

If you haven’t read week 1 yet, I suggest you read those updates first then come back for this week 2 recap!

I’m super excited to say that this week has had some major improvements and feelings of confidence have been peaking through!

Perks Of Weekly Recaps

I love making these recaps because it is such a beautiful practice to review the progress you’ve made. It makes me feel like a difference is genuinely being created and evolving daily, which lights my heart up in so many levels.

I just feel so grateful and happy inside because I know these changes are going to continue building momentum and I am finally tapping into the internal freedom I am seeking.

But without further ado, let’s get into this week 2 recap!

A picture taken from the day I went to the park on day 10, when I was at a loss of words and lost in the present moment of the Divine

week 2 recap

Day 6

Underactive Solar Plexus Symptoms

After doing some research & listening to my intuition, I realized part of my healing had to do with the SEVERELY underactive Solar Plexus chakra I had! I know it’s definitely part of the reasons I experience so many gut issues.

Even as a kid I remember being in so much pain. The more I reflect back too I remember it starting around the same time I was being bullied for my appearance. Your chakras speak VOLUMES about your own personal experiences. In this reel I talk about my own experiences & some other common symptoms.


DAY 6 TIPS – An under active solar plexus can show up in many different ways, but a great tip to really know as well is by trusting your intuition and asking your guides for a sign!

Day 7

Recording In A Uncomfortable Situation

This was a special day for me as one of my fears is recording in front of people. You would think since I’ve been with my soulmate for 7 years, I would easily be able to create content in front of him.

Yet that does not stand! I find myself lowering my voice every time he’s around and I am creating content because of the embarrassment I feel inside. It’s not like he doesn’t know what I do or have a clue about how WOO I am, because he DEFINITELY Knows. But this day I decided to ask him to sit there while I record. And WOW the anxiety was over the roof.


DAY 7 TIPS – Sometimes the best way to start anything is doing it with the people you love and you know won’t judge you but only give you helpful support!

My most recent trip with my soulmate to the beautiful natural springs of Florida

Day 8

Solar Plexus Activation Meditation

This was my first official day doing a special Solar Plexus meditation I had intuitive feelings about. It brought so much warmth and security inside of my body but also so much HAPPINESS afterwards. I felt so empowered and liberated after doing this meditation! It’s something to do on a daily basis for sure.


DAY 8 TIPS – Solar plexus activation can be done in many ways. Try consuming more yellow foods like lemons, pineapples and mangoes to also start activating!

Day 9

Recording In Public

So the baby steps continued on Day 9, as I decided to record in public this time on a early Saturday morning so it wasn’t TOO bad. The Divine thing about this was that the day before, I had received an automated inspirational message from Lewis Howes, about doing things that scare you! So the synchronicity was perfect in this moment.


DAY 9 TIPS – Baby steps make a huge difference in the overall picture. If you’re also someone trying to get over the fear of being seen, try taking pictures of yourself in public first and see how that feels!

A selfie from day 9 when I took another step into getting myself out there and being seen!

Day 10

Insights & Inspirations

This day is a inspirational and insightful one as I reflect again in nature about this healing journey and the beauty that comes along with it. I recorded this out in public again at a park in the afternoon and tried recording myself too but I had no words! Being in nature like so really settles my heart and puts it at ease.


DAY 10 TIPS – Being in nature only 10 minutes a day can lift your vibration drastically. Try this daily and watch what inspirations can flow to you!


This week in progress has felt like so much because of the action I took part in. The energy to shift and change things is there but a lot of this work happens only through action.

It doesn’t matter if I visualize or meditate on being seen 1000x if I can’t even bare to let my significant other be in the same room as me as I record a video.

Although this week has felt like a lot of progress, I also feel like the energy has only shifted a little bit at the same time. This is the thing about healing, it is never an ever increasing slope. The slopes can settle and stay at a plateau for a while until they rise again.

My deepest understanding in my own healing journey is that things take time and your own commitment to your OWN time is very important. I could EASILY spend my time just watching anime and not doing anything towards my spiritual healing and growth.

Yet this does not feel relatable to me anymore. It’s so much more satisfying, so much more expansive, to live and experience a life that you Know you had part in creating and developing.

Living life in resonance with your higher self and the Divine is key to freedom & liberation within.


It’s no longer

“This is how I was raised. This is who I was brought up to be and that’s that.”

It is now

“This is my new self, I am completely responsible for my own healing, development and evolvement as a spiritual human being and there’s nothing that can change this other than myself.”

This healing journey is not only a commitment to myself but also to my time and what seems more valuable to me. If I cherish myself enough to reach deep expansion, then I will dedicate the time out of my day to do it.

Yes I work at a 9-5 currently, yes I have chores to do once I get home, yes I have animals to feed, things to clean and adult responsibilities that I need to tend to.

But this does not mean that I can’t do the things that I love, that expand me and help me ascend into new realities.

this is your calling

The whole point of this existence is to enjoy life but also see so much of it.

How can we possibly pursue this idea if we can’t commit to ourselves in the first place?

I hope this week 2 recap inspires you to give yourself the motivation to put yourself and your spiritual growth first. If you are looking for a place to start and gain more spiritual inspiration, listen to my podcast, The Ivemanifest Podcast.

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