Spiritual Growth & Ascension Lessons That You Can Use Now

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Today we will be discussing a beautiful spiritual book that has played a major part of my own growth, as it continued to synchronistically follow me in the most divine timing. Now that I have officially finished reading this book, I wanted to share the most impactful & useful spiritual growth & ascension lessons you can use right now to start enhancing your own life & journey.



This book is called The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. This book has such a spiritual & divine story as to how I came across it from the beginning, which makes it even more of such a powerful book. Let me share that story with you now.

Back in 2018, still very much into my spiritual development, I was at a french cafe with my husband Lucas and I had a deep intuitive feeling inside to go across the street to this local bookstore that also carried various other things such a spiritual tools, games and other fun stuff like such.

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So we went to the book store & outside in the front, they had baskets of free books that anyone could grab. This was always something that they did BUT this time just felt SO different & in alignment. I remember my ears ringing as I got closer to the books & instantly was drawn to this red book. This book had absolutely nothing on it other than a plain & worn in red cover.

I booked up the book & opened the first page. First thing that stood out to me, which was in so much synchronicity too at the moment, was that the book was from a library in Decatur. Which is the city I was born from in Georgia. Then  I flipped onto the next page & saw the title.

The Road Less Traveled, a new psychology of love, traditional values and spiritual growth. 

Tears of pure bliss and happiness started to pour out in this moment, because at that time I was really setting intentions & focusing on my spiritual growth and improving myself more and more. So it just felt like an absolute gift from the Universe. Now of course I start reading the book a few days later & it moves me to tears because it’s just so fucking good. But then life kind of got a little hectic and I stopped reading it completely. This happens to me a lot more than I would like to admit.

But the special thing that kept happening about this book in particular, is that every single time I would pick it back up, every time I felt the intuitive nudge to read where I had left off, even if it was days later, weeks later & even months later, the pages I left off on where EXACTLY what I needed in the moment. Time and time again, the exact situation, the exact emotions, the exact scenarios, the exact message, divine clarity and GUIDANCE I needed time and time again.

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This made me value this book so much. I felt like my guides were truly with me in every single moment from the beginning in leading me to this book. I’m so grateful to be sharing it with you all today to inspire you & give you the divine insights this book has brought me! Let’s begin on the most impactful lessons on spiritual growth & ascension this books holds for you.

Openness To Set You Free

As the title mentions in this book, it is a psychology book on love, traditional values and spiritual growth. This book came out in 1978 and yet it holds such beautiful lessons and inspiration that is timeless in spiritual truths and personal development. One of my favorite and impactful lessons in this book is the truth behind openness.

This concept is so perfect right now too because of my own personal journey & intentions into healing and expanding and how it relates to being open!

Yet as for the book, it talks about how openness in your life sets you free. This comes specifically towards the theme of telling the truth and not holding the truth from others. Yet also too in the sense that open people are continually growing people.

I love this concept so much because sometimes, as it talks about in the book, it may feel easier to live a very limited life, keeping your truths hidden or certain truths hidden instead of sharing them, but this just prevents you from truly living. Because not only are you keeping things hidden from others, but you are also not allowing yourself to step into higher levels of your own being.

There’s a part in the book that speaks to perfectly to this which is :

“Because they never speak falsely they can be secure and proud in the knowledge that they have done nothing to contribute to the confusion of the world, but have served as sources of illumination and clarification. Finally they are totally free to be.”

The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck
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Everything about that passage there speaks to my soul. Speaking in openness and living in openness brings security to you. It also brings freedom and stability in your body and comfort in your own being because you are free to express without a doubt in your words.

The illumination you bring, the LIGHT you bring to the Universe because when you share your light, you lift the vibrations of all those around you. Such a beautiful lessons that reminds to keep open, honest and clear intentions about ourselves and the things we put into the Universe. 

Love Is Separateness

Another beautiful lesson spoken in this book is the truths about love and how separateness is so important in it. The lessons in this chapter is about how love is defined as someone’s willingness to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth. Which speaks levels on the law of oneness  & how our relationships & the way we treat ourselves affects everything around us. But also understanding that in this same concept, we are separate and our love is separate.

Making decisions with love in mind, comes from a stable foundation of understanding that your choices when made through love can encourage and inspire growth for yourself and those around you.

This is kind of like my podcast I made last month about how your choices in love can shift your reality.

Nurturing your spiritual growth & loving yourself is also having that clear distinction between oneself and the other is always maintained. Seeing yourself as your own separate being and whomever else is involved, whether is it romantic, family, friends, whomever else you love, seeing them as separate beings is so deeply important.

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Because in your true spiritual essence, our spirits can connect to a great divine connection, yet this human experience is very individual. All of our paths are different and we experience different things. To love someone fully and love yourself fully is to acknowledge this with the same enlightenment that your spiritual growth and ascension is as equally important as the others. This all falls in perfect harmony with our divine spiritual growth. 

Welcoming Grace

The sweet final message in this book is the welcoming of grace. This I can write about for hours, because it’s not an easy decision to make constantly, actively and mindfully. This is a conscious decision that requires you to show up for yourself time and time again. Being this person that is willing to accept something better in every single moment.

Welcoming the grace of the Universe, the beauty, the divine happiness and fulfillment, the journey, the expansion and ascension through fears, through doubt, through sadness and purity. All of it at once, all of it impacting you right now in these moments.

As said in the book :

“For the journey of spiritual growth requires courage and initiative and independence of thought and action.”

The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck

It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, but its so rewarding, so truly life changing and life altering. I can say from genuine experience, since beginning this journey almost 10 years ago now, it has NOT been a continue upwards slope, it’s been a messy mountain up and down.

Yet I would not trade those downfalls for a second, because after every single low point came the highest peak, the highest ascension and greatest development that pushed me into a deeper understanding that could never be expressed, only felt deeply within & expansively felt. 

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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