PROOF That Elevated Emotions Can Heal Your Body

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The human emotional state is a powerful entity that not only affects our psychological wellbeing but also plays a significant role in our physical health.

In my latest episode of The Ivemanifest Podcast, we dive into the fascinating interplay between our emotional state and physical health, drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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The experiement

As previously mentioned, this blog post is deeply inspired by the fascinating work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you are not familiar with his work, I recommend to begin your research with his book, Becoming Supernatural. This book has been a true inspiration for me in my own transformational shifts within my own life.

Focusing back to Dr. Dispenza’s work, he conducted an experiment back in 2016 at one of his transformative workshops he normally holds multiple times a year. In this specific workshop, Dr. Dispenza took salvia samples of 117 test subjects to measure their IgA levels.

IgA is a primary protein found in our bodies that are responsible for our healthy bodily functions and our internal defense system.

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the results

These samples were collected with the intention to see if these IgA levels would be impacted by the workshop and the elevated emotions he would have the subjects tap into multiple times a day.

He specifically requested the subjects to tune into the elevated emotions of joy, love, gratitude and inspiration for 9-10 minutes a day, 3-4 times a day.

After the 4 days were up of this remarkable experiment, it was concluded that IgA levels had increased 49.5% in some subjects, and some even measured levels of up to 100 milligrams when the average measurement is anywhere from 37 – 87 milligrams.

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Why this is important

These incredible results are important for three reasons:

  1. Proves that elevated emotions has a physical positive effect on you, which is a part healing

This means that:

When you feel any emotions in general, it has some sort of physical effect on you, whether positive or negative, the effect will take place

  1. Shows that your emotional state has a big part in your physical health & the physical manifestations that come from it

This means that:

Your emotional state has a bigger part in your physical well being more than you think

  1. Proves that we are vibrational human beings

This means that:

Our emotions send vibrational signals to our body, that is how it affects our body physically because we are all made of vibrating energy

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The Insightful Awareness

This insightful experiment from Dr. Joe Dispenza helps us become aware of our powers to cause shifts and positive changes within our own bodies due to our emotional state.

This also provides us clarity on the importance of our emotional state for our own spiritual growth. Healing takes place in many forms, but the best way to begin is to start with your emotional state.

When you take time to become aware of your emotions and trust your emotional state, you can change your life, and it will heal you inside & out.

Part of your spiritual growth & expansion lies within believing in the Divine power you have within. This also means to believe the emotions you have and how you can use them to heal your own life. Your natural birthright being connected to the Divine reflects this.

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Understanding the power of elevated emotions for physical healing and spiritual growth is crucial for anyone ready to transform their life.

Your emotional state will say a lot about the path of your healing too. This is represented in two ways. You can either heal with a positive mindset, or heal with a negative one.

Think Of It Like THIS :

You can heal one of two ways

HIGH HEALING – you are high vibrational, you know this is ONLY the beginning of so many magical things unfolding & you feel amazing because you are taking the steps to make this healing REAL


LOW HEALING – you are trapped in the space of where you are now, unhealed and unhappy with your existing reality and cannot see a way out except in the wallowing pain of where you are now

Now that we know there is scientific data to prove healing can be improved with your emotional state, wouldn’t you want to high heal all the time?

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Our emotions are not just reactions to our environment but powerful forces that can shape our reality. It’s a reminder that we have the ability to heal ourselves, both physically and spiritually, through the power of our emotions.

I hope you found inspiration in today’s blog and I wish an abundance of blessings and happiness to you!

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