Personal Healing Journey Week 1 Recap

If you’ve been following my on social media, specifically Instagram, you would know that I am on a journey of personal expansion and healing! After doing a spell on August 1st 2023, I received a divine message to help me massively shift my fears and grow into parts of my highest self.

This journey will be documented to help inspire others to do the same in their own spiritual personal development journeys. I’m so excited to share this journey with you! If you’d like to be updated daily, which is part of this journey, I recommend following me on Instagram! Or you can tune into this blog for a weekly recap on my own experiences.

This is probably the most personal this blog has EVER been in the TWO YEARS I have had it. So that should already tell you ALOT lol. Regardless, let’s begin with some foundations and background.

So after doing this spell, which I share here on Day 4, I received a few synchronistic experiences that helped me come to the divine awareness of what needed to be done to help me move through this fear and the next level of my own spiritual ascension. The message was to post every day for 100 days, specifically reels, to help me get super comfortable with posting online, being seen and putting myself out there!

This fear has been building within me since I was 7 years old, when I first began to realize my image in the world was something that I felt very insecure about. Then it continued to build through my pre-teen years, as I experienced shame and guilt for my actions. I share more about this on Day 3 and on my latest podcast. Now fast forward 16 years later, I had been keeping my nervous system at a very low vibration, along with my light, to keep myself hidden and lowkey as possible to not let myself be judged.

A young 14 year old Sheila after beginning her spiritual journey!

You can see where this is contradictive considering I have my own business, wanting to inspire MILLIONS of people on their own spiritual self help journeys and help as many people as I possibly can. Hiding myself and masking my light is not the vibrational frequency of someone who makes massive impacts on people’s lives. It’s simply not.

So as the intuition came in, I decided to follow it wholeheartedly although my insides were twisting and turning on every single level about how I could be judged, be criticized and potentially exposing myself to coworkers, acquaintances and all of the above.

Regardless of this feeling, I recorded my first video of this journey and said fuck it. I have nothing to lose anymore. It’s not like I never posted before, but it’s the fact that even though I was posting, I kept my business hidden from my PERSONAL life and was afraid of mentioning it openly.

So here we are now, posting as often as possible in hopes of achieving that greater sense of freedom, expression, healing and confidence to inspire people, motivate people and shift perspectives so everyone can live their lives in pure bliss, peace and happiness.

When I first began my podcast back in 2021!

Week 1 Recap:


So Day 1 wasn’t too bad! I posted my intentions without thinking much of it and told myself, this is the first step. This is where it begins. You don’t need to know what’s gonna happen in between, but you know where you want to go and right now it’s just the first step.

Watch Day 1 Here


Day 2 was an informal formal introduction of WHO I am and WHAT I practice. Something that I normally keep a secret from a LOT of people, which is that I am a green witch, read tarot cards and am into all the woo mystical stuff you could possibly think of. Now I had the first thought of posting all these reels to my PERSONAL insta account and holy fuck that was a little too intense for me lol. So baby steps, I posted a story essentially giving everyone the link to my business account where I am posting these daily reels, and inviting them to look if they want to know the real me.

Watch Day 2 Here

Day 3

Day 3 consisted of a quick summary of the traumas I faced as a child that continued to build my fears of being seen and putting myself out there. I have a more in depth version here on my recent podcast covering this along with other useful information about this journey.

Watch Day 3 Here

Day 4

Day 4 is giving you the divine solar plexus spell I used to help begin this journey! This spell worked so well and I am so grateful I received the intuitive downloads on which items to use to make this spell powerful. This spell helps with courage, fearlessness, confidence and healing! The perfect combination for my current intentions.

Watch Day 4 Here

Day 5

Day 5 is a sweet little aesthetic video with clips of my most recent trips and the intentions I have for the rest of the year in terms of my healing journey.

Watch Day 5 Here


Throughout this first week posting, I definitely have already felt a shift within myself in terms of allowing myself to be seen despite being scared. I have pure intentions with what I want to bring into this world and how I want to inspire people. I just know that part of it is allowing myself to be vulnerable and open enough to show parts of myself.

I laugh because I don’t know how the fuck I used to think I could ever inspire thousands or even millions of people if I can’t even tell the people around me that I have a spiritual business.

It’s like all this time this has been a missing link that I knew would need to be addressed at some point, yet I never really truly committed to it.

I feel like it’s now the time to step into the next chapter and I’m excited to share the journey!

If you have any suggestions on things I could possibly do to continue letting go of my fear of being seen and sharing more parts of my spiritual mystical self, please let me know below!

Until then, I hope you do something today that aligns you with your higher self.

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