Multiple Spiritual Awakenings Are Possible

Spiritual Awakenings

Multiple Spiritual Awakenings Are Possible

A Spiritual Awakening is the process of becoming open to the spiritual essence of life. This awakening transforms your life so deeply that it will never be the same again. The journey of a spiritual awakening varies from person to person. Each awakening can affect every single person very differently. Yet one similarity is that we all have the ability to have multiple spiritual awakenings.

Everyone has the ability to have multiple spiritual awakenings.

Most of the time, these various awakenings are not purposeful or done intentionally. Most of the time, these awakenings happen to evolve our spiritual being as much as possible, to enlighten ourselves and the people around us.

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These awakenings can occur during different chapters of our lives, where growth in one area of our lives has been exponentially more than another area.

Great examples of this are the following:

  • Heart awakenings – when you open up to the awakening of your heart chakra and heart center emotions
  • Self awakening – when you become more aware of the person that is existing within your own self
  • Divine awakening – when you become more aware of the divine, it’s connection to you and the infinite mysticism around it

Is it possible to encourage these different awakenings?

In a way you possibly could encourage these different awakenings to occur, but Divine timing is still always at play. Although if you would like to awaken a specific area or part of yourself, the best way to achieve this is to start becoming more actively conscious of this area of your life by yourself.

This means spending more time acknowledging this area of yourself, how it makes you feel, what is already there and what could improve. There is also plenty of meditations that you could do as well to help you become more aware.

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If you were interested in achieving this though, you would need to become more mindful in general, which you can find a guided meditation to help you achieve that here.

The significance of being on a spiritual awakening journey when actively manifesting

Being on a spiritual awakening journey while actively manifesting is such a divine alignment process that normally happens naturally. This alignment is so natural because manifestation is occurring at all times, but there was a time where neither of us were aware of what manifestation was.

To be actively manifesting while you are on your spiritual awakening is helping you tremendously align with the Divine co-creation part of manifestation. It can help you manifest with ease because there is now awakened parts of yourself that are helping you achieve emotional clarity.

It’s a reason why I say manifestation is a spiritual journey within it’s own because while on this journey, you can actually awaken more parts of yourself as you continue to grow more and more into awareness.

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