Manifesting With or Without A Desired Date

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Manifestation is a form of creation that is simply delightful, transformational and incredibly magical. Yet as the division in the manifestation community exists, so does the methods and concepts continue to shift as well. Leaving us to find our own methods and knowledge that works for us best like whether we should put a date on our manifestation or simply allow Divine timing to do its thing.

Each and every single one of us has our own journey of spiritual manifestation, which if you are interested in more inspiration and insight, you can join one of my membership clubs here.

Yet as we dwell in this world of manifestation and spiritual universal laws, we have to find out what methods truly work for us and which methods do not. One of the things we must know about our own manifestation journey is if stamping a date on our manifestation desire is something to practice or to let go.

Let’s take a look at each of these methods and see where we can start to use them in our lives to check their compatibility with us. To listen to this information instead, check out this podcast episode here.

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Manifesting With A Desired Date

Manifesting with a desired date is to put a date on your manifestation with the full intention of the desire being fulfilled by this date. The desire can be fulfilled days prior to your intended date, the day of or even a few days later. Yet the point is that this manifestation you dreamed of is fulfilled with your desired date in mind.

This method requires a lot of faith, as does any method. From my personal experience, manifesting with a desired date is completely possible, as long as you are willing to commit through and through.

To do this method, simply gather what exactly you are trying to manifest and decide a date that you want this desire to be fulfilled. This date has to be realistic to you. So if you are trying to manifest a million dollars, give yourself at least 1-2 week period of expected results.

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After deciding a realistic date for yourself, one that sounds comfortable and easy for you to keep in mind, then you want to start using your other methods of manifestation to begin attracting this item into your life.

One very powerful method for manifesting with a desired date in mind is scripting. Scripting is writing down your desires and experiences as if they have manifested in this present moment reality.

When scripting your manifestation, you want to include the desired date as much as possible but as natural as possible as well. This is done by saying things along the lines of “I am so happy that I manifested my new car by February 20th of 2022! Feels so good to have it just in time for my birthday!”

You want to include the date as you scripting to send the message to the Universe that this manifestation was fulfilled at this time or close to it.

You can use any other methods of manifestation to get this desire, as long as you are including your desired date in each of them. To learn more manifestation methods and insight, join my book club, where we read books that give you that extra manifestation inspiration you need.

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Manifesting Without A Desired Date

Manifesting without a desired date in mind is to simply let go of all attachments to when this manifestation might unfold in your life. This method is very closely tied to the understanding of Divine Timing, where the Universe decides when the best time for you to receive your manifestation is.

This method requires a lot of faith once again, because you letting go of all attachments to when this manifestation may unfold, you must remain faithful regardless of how much time may pass.

This understanding of Divine Timing is major for this method. One beautiful way to look at this is to understand that you must experience and learn many things before your manifestation unfolds. This process of being happy with your manifestation progress is very important to letting this unfold.

To use this method, simply find your best method of manifestation and begin to have faith, believe and proceed in your daily life with the confidence that your manifestation is coming to you. Your confidence in this journey is what makes it real.

Scripting is a really wonderful method for this also. Because as you are scripting you are simply writing it all down in the present moment. Some may say that your manifestations can come quicker this way when you don’t attach a date to it.

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This method of manifesting without a desired date allows you to roam free in the possibilities of the present moment and allow you to enjoy the moment daily. With your confidence in your manifestation and the trust you have in the Universe, you don’t need to attach yourself to a date and worry that it may never actually come.

Regardless of the methods you use, having faith is so incredibly important to manifesting your desires. Begin the process with a clear mind and start to create your dream life.

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