Lessons On The Law Of Karma

The Law of Karma is one of the Universal Laws that govern our Universe and spiritual existence here on Earth. When Karma is mentioned, usually the mind leans towards a negative sentiment behind this idea.

In this blog we are going to review exactly what is Karma and how this law affects our lives in both ways positive and negative.

The Definition Of Karma

According to Buddhism and Hinduism, Karma is the sums of someone’s actions in this lifetime and the previous life that decides their future experiences. In other words, what you do now in this life and what you have done in your past life, affects what you will experience in life.

Karma is also normally known for its saying

” Karma is a B*t*h “

While this is true in some aspects, it does over simplify the Law of Karma itself.

Law Of Karma

The Law of Karma is one of the Universal laws that states what you do in life will have it’s own consequences and reactions for them. This is very similar to the definition of Karma itself.

Spiritually, the Law of Karma highlights that our actions serve a major purpose in the Universe that reflects and affects everyone including ourselves.

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This law explains that when we do certain actions in life, we need to be consciously aware that we will experience the equivalent of it in this life time.

This is important because it gives us the opportunity to make the most out of our lives through our actions, knowing that the Law of Karma is at play and what we do in life will serve it’s own conquences.

Your Life And The Law Of Karma

As previously said, the Law of Karma gives us the opportunity to be aware of our actions so we can better understand our future experiences. This is very beneficial to our spiritual and personal development journeys because we are gaining insight in the future we can experience.

This is why the phrase ” Karma is a b*t*ch” makes sense because if our actions are negative, hurtful and just overall not positive to others or ourselves, we will experience this same vibration during this lifetime.

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Yet this also assures that if our actions are kind, positive and overall has the good intention of your happiness and joy for others, you can expect the same experiences to come back to you.

Both of these laws do work together, as do all Universal Laws to make this life one to grow, expand and ascend. Therefore it is important to understand all laws as well as possible to live your life in the most aligned way that brings you closer to peace, bliss and happiness.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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