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Easiest Way To Increase Your Monthly Income

Yes, there is a simple way to increasing your income that doesn’t involve side jobs, taking online surveys or spending money on certain start-ups or investments. This simple method is one of the easiest methods you’ll ever try, and if you follow these instructions thoroughly, you just might be able to start increasing your monthly income this week.

Now what is this simple method? It is as simple as the words that come out of your mouth at any moment. The words that create and attract your life into reality. The simple method of the way that you speak and how you feel when you speak, is the secret to increasing your monthly income.

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The easiest and simplest statement of words that can vary in emotional energy and power. All you have to say are these magical words everyday:

“My Income Increases Every Single Month”

You might think I’m joking or messing around, but the simplicity of these words have gained me various of monthly income increases for the past five months through various of unexpected opportunities, work and combined income raises.

As mentioned before in my blog post about What Is The Law of Attraction, it is simple to understand that the use of a repeated statement like this, along with combined feelings and thoughts to empower it, this easily manifests into your current reality.

How To Use This Method

Although it is as simple as saying your income increases monthly, there is three important components of this statement that allow it work effortlessly and seemingly with magic. Using the words you say during this process is only the beginning. How you say it, when you say it and why you say it carry this statement into actual reality.

The first component of this method is How you are saying it. For a moment, think about the way that you talk. How do you normally speak about your life, finances and relationships? When saying this statement, you want it to be as natural as possible, in your own form of language and personality.

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This statement can vary from person to person but all are related to the concept that their income is increasing. Just HOW you say it impacts this statement entirely. When saying this statement, you must say it with complete normalization and confidence in your own way.

Try practicing this statement now, find different ways of saying it and expand upon it. This might look like saying it with a smile on your face or saying “My income is always going up every month.” It depends on your personal personality when speaking that creates it into more of a natural state of being and truth.

And of course, how you say it also has to do with your emotional state when saying it. Imagine if you were to receive a raise at your job, how would that make you feel? Or unexpectedly received some money from a friend or found $20 on the street. Assuming you are a sane person, you would feel happy and joyful, maybe even grateful and accomplished.

The emotional feeling behind this statement or affirmation is part of the how you say it component. When saying this statement you must feel happy, confident, completely joyful and extremely grateful. Why you may ask? Because when something good happens to you or you receive unexpected money, it always feels good. And when you feel good right now, before receiving, you allow the Universe to find the unexpected event to match those feelings you are emitting.

That leads us into our next component of using this method and that is letting go of WHERE this income increase is going to come from. This is where the real magical and creative fun begins.

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Money is an abundant source of energy that can come in many different forms physically and energetically. With this method of increasing your monthly income, it is incredibly important to detach where exactly the money will come from.

This allows you to the infinite possibilities of increasing your monthly income, because as stated before, money can come in many different forms physically and energetically.

When you detach where your income increase will come from, you open yourself up to an income increase from everything. This can be a raise from your job, being gifted money from a relative, your partner finding a new job that pays more, the list can go on and on in various of forms.

You could also increase your income from getting the intuitive nudge to start a side business and collect money through that, or even get the intuitive nudge to play the lottery and win a few hundred or thousands of dollars.

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Letting go of the WHERE in this method can allow you to receive an income increase from the infinite fountain of possibilities the Universe has to offer you. This is an exciting process because it just proves to you that money can come in all forms. Through endless possibilities and opportunities, the Universe can bring to you an abundance of monthly income increases in ways you could never expect.

Now, how often you must feel and say this simple affirmation about your income increasing monthly is entirely up to you. In the last component of this method, it is important to know that you have all the power along with the Universe to create this infinite possibilities and opportunities.

Therefore, however often you say this affirmation is entirely up to you. Yet the most important thing is whenever you do say it, allow it to be in a place of complete assurance and truth. This statement is now your truth.

“My Income Increases Every Single Month”

In my personal experience, I use the external world as a reminder as to when I am going to use this affirmation. It could be a certain number I see on a plate, or a certain bird, and that becomes my reminder to say that affirmation with complete and utter trust.

Now that you know how to increase your monthly income, relax, and enjoy your life, and allow the magic to flow to you and through you.

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