How To Heal The Root Chakra

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Now that we know what root chakra imbalance looks like, let’s continue our conversation on how to heal root chakra imbalance so we can further our journey of spiritual growth and manifestation. Today we will look at three ways to open and heal your root chakra.

It is important to first acknowledge that this journey takes patience and dedication as any practice should. It is important to feel love and embrace each part of this journey as you find what resonates and truly works for you with healing and unblocking your root chakra.

It is also important to acknowledge that sometimes a root chakra imbalance could also be related to sacral chakra imbalance as well. Thankfully the methods I will show you to heal your root chakra will also help your sacral chakra as well.

Method Number One : Dancing

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Dancing has the powerful energy of opening and healing our root chakra because of the high vibrational feeling it gives us. It also helps to heal our root chakra because of the energy we are now placing in motion throughout our body.

It is important that when we dance, we dance without regard of appearance or thought. We simply dance out of the energetic vibration that is lifting our physical body into movement.

When we dance, especially when we are moving our hips and lower body, we are causing a stir of energy to emerge throughout our bodies and our root chakra. We begin to slowly open this blockage and undo the wall that has been built around our root chakra.

Dancing daily for even a minimum of 10 minutes a day will drastically raise your vibration and begin to shake up the stored and blocked energy in your root chakra. This combination, along with the freeing feeling that dancing gives us, allows us to begin healing and open up the creative part within us to tap into our infinite potential.

Method Number Two : Yoga

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Yoga has been around for centuries and continues to build in popularity daily. Yoga is a powerful tool for building strength, confidence and grounding, all which are perfectly related to a well balanced root chakra.

When doing Yoga, there is a connection and awareness to the physical body that makes us deeply grounded to this Earth. As mentioned in our root chakra imbalance blog, your root chakra is what keeps you grounded and connected to this Earth and human experience.

Therefore when we take time to practice our Yoga daily, we begin to have more of this grounded connection to the Earth and our bodies, allowing us to open our root chakra to the notion of existing and free flowing balance.

Using Yoga as a tool for opening our root chakra is a simple way to start acknowledging your connection to your body and this base of your physical body in this world. As you connect more with your body, you connect more with your root chakra existence, making it more open to removing the blocks that was once there.

Method Number Three : Meditation

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Meditating is a powerful way to start opening and healing your root chakra. There are different types of meditations that can be used to open your root chakra, yet the one we will be looking into today will be a visual meditation to help you open your root chakra with love and gratitude.

This meditation is simple, you sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and direct your attention to the location of your root chakra, which is at the base of your being. You can also direct your attention to the general area of where your body touches the floor as you sit, this is normally your bottom area and genitals.

After directing your full attention to this area, start to breathe deeply and exhale deeply. This is where the visualization aspect of this meditation comes. As you have your attention directed to your root chakra, imagine this part of your body as a rose about to bloom. Each time you exhale, the rose opens a bit more, and each time you inhale, the rose becomes more vibrate in color.

This visualization is representing the opening and healing of your root chakra. As the rose opens, your root chakra begins to open and become more balanced. As the color becomes more vibrate, your root chakra heals and absorbs the energy and power of the Universe and the around below it.

This is a powerful meditation that can be done for a short 10 minutes and give you powerful results. The more that you practice it, the more your root chakra becomes balanced and blossoms.

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These three methods, used separately or combined, will help you drastically during your root chakra journey. It’s important to use either one of these methods daily to really enhance your progress in your journey.

Remember to always be patient and kind to yourself during these times. Keep track of your progress in a journal and give gratitude daily to the Universe for the healing and balance you are gaining.

Having a balanced root chakra is incredibly important for manifestation and overall spiritual health. It’s key to feel amazing during your spiritual manifestation journey and you can feel amazing with an empowered and balanced root chakra along your side.

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