How To Find Your True Desires

One Of The Most Important Questions

that we are faced with when beginning our spiritual manifestation life journeys is what we truly desire. The answer to this question has the remarkable ability of changing over and over again. Yet the Theme is what always remains the same.

Today we will be discussing how to find your true desires, your true theme – that is perfectly in alignment with you. It’s important to understand that this is a journey, an expansion and an unfoldment into your personal internal truth.

The Truth Behind Your Desires

Your true desires are placed in a very deep part of your heart & soul. These true desires are not surface desires such as things or experiences. Yet instead they are emotions, vibrations and frequencies. This is the ultimate truth behind your desires.

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This knowledge is the first step when finding your true desires. Understanding that your desires will be an internal truth that specific to you and has no external attachments to it.

These external attachments are part of a bigger scale of understanding that comes from the Universe directly. It allows you to know what the best external thing you can do to match directly with your internal truth. More details on this blog another day.

Discovering Your True Desires

To discover your true desires, you must take a moment to reflect on your internal truths. These are emotions that speak out to you, align with you and give you a feeling of fulfillment and joy.

Grab a journal and reflect on the following:

What emotions do you love to feel?

What do you want to feel daily?

How do you want to feel when you wake up?

After writing these emotions out, you now have a clear picture of what your internal truths & desires are. These are feelings align with your deepest desires and soul’s purpose of fulfillment.

As for what exactly will give you these emotions, you can begin to make yourself a list of external things or experiences that bring you these emotions. This will guide you into the vortex of what will fully activate those true internal desires for you.

Unfolding The Journey To Finding Your True Desires

Since you have now become aware of your internal truth and the internal desires, you now have the beautiful journey of unfoldment in front of you. You can now shape your affirmations to follow those internal truths and shape your world to follow these emotions.

The Universe Will provide you the pathway to finding out exactly what can provide these internal truths through external things. This is an unfoldment process that will reveal itself divinely through time.

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