Gateway Process: CIA Esoteric Research Experiment

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Manifestation, Consciousness & The CIA

Today’s blog is quite an interesting one because it is something that I stumbled across recently and really surprised me in its entirety because it’s something I was not expecting to find out but then again, when the Universe connects you back, it definitely CONNECTS you deeply!

Now since this is something that I recently stumbled upon, I shall share with you my limited insights & facts about this crazy CIA research experiment. Yet definitely feel free to research more about this topic yourself but I also will most likely make another blog post about this topic in the future once I do more research.

If you would like to listen to the podcast version of this blog, click this link here or continue to read blow to find out more about this wild CIA experiment!

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What Is The Gateway PROCESS

In 2003, the CIA released a classified document to the public known as the Analysis & Assessment of the Gateway Process. This document was written by some officials at the Monroe Institute, who were researching the ability of the human brain to focus more, become more aware and have deeper consciousness, which can in return help with problem solving, intuition, MANIFESTING, and reaching other dimensions of human existence & understanding through consciousness.

The original date this document was sent to the CIA for assessment was in June of 1983 but it wasn’t officially released to the public until 2003. 

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The Gateway Process itself as defined as :

Monroe Institute technique for developing achieved states of altered consciousness involving Hemi-Sync, or also defined as when both sides of the brain are in synchronization. Meant to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of the brainwave output between left and right brain hemispheres so as to alter consciousness & escape the restrictions of time & space. Then one may access various levels of intuitive knowledge through the Universe. It is different from forms of meditation due to it’s principle being hemi-sync. 

Analysis And Assessment Of The Gateway Process

In this experiment, the Monroe Institute was researching these topics as I mentioned before, and came up with a step by step process to achieve these levels of focus and consciousness. This experiment is now an actual course you can buy directly from the Monroe Institutes along with tapes but first let’s kind of explore more of the foundation of this experiment.

The foundation of the Gateway process

The 3 foundations of the Gateway Process are Hypnosis, Transcendental Meditation & Biofeedback. Let’s define each one as defined by the Monroe Institute but these are also summarized and simplified for the sake of simplicity:

Hypnosis Definition :  as defined by psychologist Ronald Stone, hypnosis is a technique that allows access to the sensory motor cortex, pleasure centers, lower cerebral portions (emotional) of the right side of the brain by following successful disengagement with the left side of the brain. 

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Transcendental Meditation Definition : This technique requires intense and single minded concentration on the process of drawing energy up the spinal cord which results in acoustical standing waves in the cerebral ventricles on the right side of the brain. In time, these waves will stimulate and then polarize the cortex that will conduct a signal along the homunculus. Similar to Kundalini-Psychosis, most symptoms start on the left side of the body (which means it begins within the right hemisphere of the brain.) This is a practice developed over time but the range of 4-7 hertz can achieve the same effect.

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Biofeedback Definition : A consciousness altering method where you teach the left hemisphere of the brain to first visualize the desired result you want to create. Then after this, you must recognize the feelings associated with the experience and also accessing those emotions in the right hemisphere of the brain. Once this is done, the left brain can repeatedly instruct the right brain to establish pathways involved to produce the same external and objective measures of success. 


This is so deeply fascinating because if you were to just use these three methods in your own life, you can see a LOT of shifts and transformations. A lot of today’s manifestation methods and self help tips come from those major foundations.

Another main part of this experiment is achieving hemi-sync which is when both hemispheres of the brain are being used and are streaming at the same frequency. This normally does not happen naturally because one side of the brain is active while the other side is kind of just there operating but unconsciously not on the same level as the other side that is being used. This is really important too because interestingly enough a lot of the magic happens in this resonance.

Now what I love about this whole experiment is the fact that it involves the science of what certain techniques can help us achieve. And of course I feel like with the scientific aspects of it, it helps you gather a greater understanding of how amazing we truly are & what magic truly exists! Now for the actual method itsel.

The Gateway Method:

To summarize these methods a bit because they are quite long, I’ll first explain that using this method requires you to reach certain levels of focus in order to unlock certain “abilities” in your consciousness so you can perform them at full potential.

But one of the first things to do when trying this method is to first ensure that you’re able to clear certain things from your mind when visualizing, so basically being able to focus without distractions when meditating, which really has to do with mindfulness and being present with yourself which you know I love!

From that practice you’ll start a method to encourage a state of resonance which this is where your body and mind are completely connected and in tune along with having hemi-sync.

This is aided by a humming sound that causes vibrations in the brain which are similar to theta frequency (BUT mind you, there are tapes that go along with this that help) from there you’ll listen to some affirmations played at subliminal levels that consist of affirming your desire to expand your consciousness.

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Then you’ll listen to some sound frequencies that also help you gain hemi-sync. From here you’ll also use another technique for total physical relaxation and then some visualization exercises to bring your energy flow in a sacred state. This was actually noted by the Monroe Institute to be an essential step to protect yourself from lower energy beings.

After doing and mastering all of this, you would be at focus level 10. From there you can go to focus level 12, where you can start healing, growing and manifesting!

This entire process is said to be mastered within a week when the Monroe Institute was studying this with actual people. Yet these subjects were ONLY doing this and nothing else. So it would make sense that they would achieve these levels rapidly.

Everyone is different but it is also discussed in this assessment that those who are familiar with meditation can achieve these results a lot quicker than those who are not.

This is JUST the beginning of this expansive experiment on human consciousness and if you would like to dive deeper into the specifics of this research I highly recommend you read the assessment yourself which can be found here.

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