Gateway Process Pt 2: Manifesting, Healing & Conscious Expansion Into A New Reality

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Expansion Awaits

With the Gateway Process, you have the open ability to change your life and expand into a new consciousness. Today we will be getting into part two of the Gateway Process, an amazing research experiment funded by the CIA & then released to the public back in 2003. This experiment is so wild and fascinating to me and it covers so many things about consciousness, reality and how we experience it.

In part 1, I gave you some of the foundations of this process and how to start achieving certain levels of consciousness. So if you haven’t read part 1 I would highly suggest reading that first then coming back to read part 2. I also really recommend that you read the released document yourself from the CIA website because it is such a trip to read and really shifts your perspective on the aspects of reality!

But in part 2 and the final part of this series, we are going to be talking about the actual methods that can be used once you reach those higher level of consciousness, such as manifesting or “patterning,” healing and even time travel which is wild to me.

We are also going to be going over the 8 most approachable and achievable steps to the Gateway Process, as told from this released CIA document.

So if you’re ready to dive in, grab a nice cup of tea, matcha or coffee and let’s begin!

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So starting off from the end of part 1, we talked about how you must first reach level 12 in consciousness to start using these methods that I am going to be talking about. Which to do a little recap, requires you to become a more mindful aware being, achieving hemi-sync and doing certain visualizations and breathing techniques to help you move spinal fluid, active the crystals in your pineal gland and helping you ease into such a transcendental state of consciousness that you no longer feel attachment to the physical realm. Pretty amazing stuff right?

So after achieving this, which varies from person to person in experience and time, you can begin to use these techniques provided from the Monroe Institute to inspire your self discovery and personal growth.

Let’s get into that list shall we?

methods only you can try

Technique A – Problem Solving

In this technique the person identifies a problem they desire to solve, filing their awareness with the perception of these problems, then projecting them out into the Universe. It was found by the Monroe institute, that normally subjects who did this technique, would see themselves interacting with a higher self or expanded consciousness, who would then provide them with the information to solve these issues. Some of the responses were given immediately, some received intuition over the next two or three days.

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Technique B – Pattering

This technique is when you use your consciousness to achieve desired objectives in the physical, emotional or intellectual sphere. You would concentrate on the desired objective and perception of that objective with the intention that it is already a matter of existing and being established. The Monroe Institute specifically says that it is an achievement which is destined to be realized within the time specified. What they meant by this is that the more complicated the objective or desire, the more time it takes for the universal hologram will take to rearrange itself to accommodate the desire. YET it does state to use caution with this method because due to the forceful nature of this technique, an individual can succeed in dislocating their existing reality with DRASTIC consequences.

Technique C – Color Breathing

This is a healing technique using expanded awareness and focusing highly on imaging colors in  an intense or vivid manner so as to resonate and activate the body’s own energies (chakras!) It can also physically active your balance, revitalization within your body and even retuning bodily energy flows. Which their examples state that blue light leads to reduced swelling while red and yellow tend to have an opposite effect.

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Technique D – Energy Bar Tool

This technique calls you to visualize a small pulsating dot of light with your imagination and continue to visualize it getting bigger and bigger until the person themselves are pulsating. Then the individual can shift this dot into the shape of a sparkling vibrating cylinder of energy and use it on parts of the body for healing.

Technique E – Remote Viewing

Using the same technique as the energy bar tool, you can shift the dot into a whirling vortex instead, where one can then send their imagination into, to receive new and illuminating insights.

Technique F – Living Body Map

This method amplifies the energy bar tool as a means of healing specific areas or systems in the body. The individual first imagined their body and using the other methods, would use the energy bar over those parts of the body to to energize and heal that part.

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Technique G – Focus 15 – Travel Into The Past

A level where one can travel back into the past, first by visualizing a time wheel in the Universe and then traveling to each part of one’s past. Says it is extremely difficult to achieve even with a 7 day training period according to the Monroe Institute.

Technique H – Focus 21 – Travel Into The Future

Says it is a technique that can be achieved after months or years of deep meditation to be able to access the future outside of time space boundaries.


All these techniques are so interesting and fascinating! I believe truly that each can be achievable if there is a solid dedication to the practice. But these techniques vary from person to person on how long it would take to obtain results.

The Monroe Institute had subjects conducting these techniques on a daily basis for hours upon the day, so imagine the wild shifts they created during this process!

I would love to hear what techniques stood out to you the most and which ones you would try! Let me know in the comments below.

Let’s continue to dive into the 8 most approachable steps to practicing the Gateway Process so you can use these techniques in your own reality.

8 Steps to the gateway process

  1. Begin by using the gateway hemi-sync tapes to achieve enhanced brain focus and to induce hemisphere sync
  2. Then add STRONG REM sleep frequencies to induce left brain quiescence and deep physical relaxation
  3. Provide hypnotic suggestion designed to enable an individual to induce deep autohypnotic state at will
  4. Use autohypnotic suggestion to attain much enhanced focus of concentration and motivation in rapidly progressing through focus 12 exercises
  5. Repeat techniques A – B following use of the autohypnotic suggestion that an out of body movement will occur and be remembered
  6. Repeat step E to achieve facility in gaining out of body state under conscious control. After hypnotic suggestion to stress ability to consciously control out of body movement and maintain it even after REM sleep state ends
  7. Approach focus 15 & 21 objectives from the out of body perspective
  8. Everything after this is CRAZY CIA shit
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With the steps given above, you will find using the Gateway Process much easier and know exactly your best chance of using these mystic and conscious expanding methods in your own life.

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