FAQ Mystic Readings

frequently asked questions about mystic readings

What Is A Mystic Reading?

A mystic reading is a divination method providing you divine clarity, guidance and insight with the use of oracle and tarot cards along with intuitive and energetic channels.

How Much Does A Mystic Reading Cost?

Mystic readings cost $45.00 per session

What Makes A Mystic Reading So Mystical?

Mystic readings are so mystical because of the person who conducts the reading and the power of the person receiving the reading being able to open themselves enough to receive it! Mystic readings are performed by Sheila Mella, a spiritual ascension mystic who has almost 10 years of experience in the spiritual mystics and spiritual self help.

How Long Do These Mystic Readings Last?

Mystic readings last about 30 minutes per session but can vary depending the person’s energy.

How Does A Mystic Reading Help?

A mystic readings helps by giving you insight and clarity in your own life to relieve doubt, confusion or stress. Mystic readings help shift your energy and perspective to inspire you deeply and guide you into the path of deepest alignment of your highest self.

What Makes A Mystic Reading Different From Traditional Tarot Or Oracle Card Readings?

A mystic reading differentiates from a traditional tarot or oracle card readings because not only are you receiving guidance but you are also receiving insights on the most positive clear and free form of divine clarity.


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