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There is a profound transformation that spiritual self-help can bring to your life, as it did for mine. I went from incredibly depressed, suicidal and engaging in self harming behaviors until I realized change had to come.

This change began when I started my spiritual self help journey. This transformation has infinite amounts of levels. For me personally it began with discovering the power of mindfulness and going deep into my own personal healing.

It always begins with the conscious awareness of your actions, behaviors, and feelings.


The process is not always easy, but it is necessary for meaningful change. When I began this journey it took a great part of my own personal responsibility to continuously expand. I had to learn to break old habits and old behaviors I no longer wanted to be associated with.

Utilizing powerful tools such as mindfulness, contemplation, and ascension can help this process and unlock new realms of consciousness and uncover the divine powers that lie within.

Imagine a shift so deep within you that it transforms your life both internally and externally. That’s the power of spiritual self-help.

We all have divine powers within us, and connecting with them can provide clarity, guidance, and insight throughout our spiritual journey.

Ascension, a fascinating concept where our capacity to create and transform increases as we ascend, is also a key component of this journey.

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Whether you are feeling unhappy or stagnant, or seeking something more, you can embark on your spiritual self-help journey.

I began my journey due to the dark place I was in. I knew I wanted to change something and thankfully the Universe guided me to it. The Universe will always call for you.

That is why this journey involves a cycle of growth, change, and shedding of old selves in favor of a better version. The journey is uniquely yours, a cycle of growth, change, and renewal.

The importance of spiritual self-help lies in its ability to foster conscious awareness of actions and feelings.

Positivity does not have to be associated with religion or spirituality, but rather a form of behavior that can improve one’s life.

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The spiritual self-help journey can lead to genuine, deep level shifts in life that can transform you internally and externally.

This is your experience, your reality, and your journey, and it has nothing to do with anyone else.

We can tap into our spiritual journey and receive clarity, divine guidance, and insight. Consciousness is not a joke and as we ascend, our power to create and transform increases.

Opening up our awareness can open new levels in our life and expanding our consciousness can manifest externally. Our spiritual journey is a cycle of growth, change, and stripping off old parts of ourselves for the better.

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In conclusion, the power of consciousness and spiritual self-help cannot be understated. The journey is challenging but ultimately rewarding, leading to a profound inner change that radiates externally.

By exploring the cycle of spiritual growth and renewal, we can unlock the divine within us and embark on a path of ascension.

The power to create and transform increases as we ascend, opening new levels in our life.

Our spiritual journey is uniquely ours, a cycle of growth, change, and renewal that leads to profound inner change.

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If you would like to personally take responsibility for your own spiritual self help journey and growth, check out our mystical guidance resources to help you expand!

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Sheila is a spiritual ascension mystic and the founder of Ivemanifest, that has been on a spiritual self help journey for almost 10 years now. Here to inspire others through bliss, peace and spiritual happiness, Sheila dedicates herself to expanding as a person to lift ad expand the collective.


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