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Opening Your Energy When Desired

It’s important to know that since you are naturally protected by the Divine, your energy has a natural force field around it. Some of us who are highly empathetic has this force field as well but energy can still sometimes leak in or out.

It’s a very beneficial thing to have this natural force field around our energy. The reason why is because that way we can keep our energy clear, clean and safely ours.

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Yet other times, in the instance of mystic readings and receiving messages from the Divine, it’s a good practice to have your energy open so you can actually receive the information coming through.

Being able to open up your energy and closing off your energy when desired is an important practice to know. You don’t have to be a super woo-woo spiritual person either to do it. You just need focuses intentions and faith.


First make sure you are in a quiet and calming space where you feel safe, secure and welcomed.

This is very important because that way once you open your energy, you can easily receive from an open positive space from the Divine and not any unwanted energy sources that can be negative.

After this, get in a comfortable position whether sitting or laying down and close your eyes. Place your hands on your heart and take in a big deep breath in through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. Keep this breathing pattern the entire time consistently.

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As your eyes are closed and your hands are on your heart, imagine a white light beaming down on you from above.

As this white light is beaming on you, feel it covering your whole body with feelings of safety and relaxation. It helps if you also say in your mind that you are relaxed, you are safe and you are divinely protected by the light.

Do this until you feel those emotions and feelings overtake your being and then focus all your intentions and thought to this phrase:

Dear Universe and guides of the most loving and positive kind, please open up my energy to be able to receive your messages clearly. I am open to receiving your messages clearly.

– Sheila Mella, spiritual ascension mystic

Say this phrase within your mind and make sure to focus ALL your intentions, thoughts and focus to thoughts and focus to this phrase. Say it slowly if you must to TRULY embody and focus on this statement in the present moment.

Once you do this and feel the energy opening up, you can open your eyes and see what messages come through either through your intuition or with the help of a mystic reading!

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