Connecting With Your Guides For Clarity & Guidance

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Connecting with your spiritual team for clarity and guidance is a very heavily spoken topic, but in all honesty is not used quite enough. Thinking back to most of your decisions in life, big or small, how often do you refer to your spiritual guides for advisement and guidance?

If the answer is not many, in this blog we will cover some of the basic understandings of communicating with your divine guides, why this is so important for your spiritual manifestation journey, and some ways on how to build this trust and communication between your spiritual team.

How To Acknowledge Your Divine Guides

The first and most important part of understanding your connection with your spiritual divine team is acknowledgement. This means acknowledging your guides existence and everlasting love and presence in aiding you, guiding you and helping you transcend and ascend during your journey on Earth.

This acknowledgement is part of the basic understanding of having a connection with your guides because without acknowledgement of their existence and energy, there is no connection or communication that can be held.

To form this acknowledgement first begins with a simple calling out, whether in your mind or out loud, saying the following phrase or along this example:

” Dear Spiritual Divine team of the most positive kind, I acknowledge your essence, energy, and impact in my daily life. “

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This simple phrase will begin to open your awareness to the existence of these loving energies that exist solely for your positive abundant growth and expansion. It’s also useful when saying this phrase that you step into the vibrational emotional feelings of love and joy. This will further help you associate the blissful connection between your divine team and you.

This phrase may feel out of place in the beginning if you have never made this acknowledgement before, but with constant daily use, you will start to feel the outside energy of their existence show up in your internal world and self.

How To Build Trust Between Your Guides

Once you’ve felt more comfortable with the acknowledgement between you and your guides, another step into having this connection is building trust. One can almost think of this partnership between you and your guides as a relationship. Starting with acknowledgement of the relationship or connection then building trust to improve it’s strength.

Building trust between your divine guides and you will help bridge the gap in times of fear, anxiety or stress, to assure you that all things are being divinely guided and directed the way they are meant to.

In the acknowledgement process, we realize that these guides are here to serve us in positive growth and abundance. Therefore, building this foundation of trust will help us feel grounded and secure in all aspects of our lives that our guides interact with.

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To begin building this trust, take easy steps into considering your current circumstances, blessings and situations and how this relates to the trust and security your guides can provide you. With each blessing and blissful experience, your guides have brought this to you to help you in your journey.

The same applies with uncomfortable situations. Your guides have brought this to you for your higher ascension and growth. Therefore when things happen, have trust in your guides and the direction they lead you to. Have faith and let go in the sea of trust and the unknown. Just as you would in a relationship with someone, you must trust them in order to grow the relationship authentically and fully.

Why Is It Important To Have A Connection With Your Divine Guides?

It is important to have a connection with your guides because through this connection you can find so many helpful and insightful advice in your spiritual personal growth journey. There is an entire infinite outcomes & possibilities to your life, why not have the deeply intuitive and insightful aid of your guides along the way?

Sometimes things happen in life that leave us completely lost, stuck or hopeless. These are times that our spiritual team screams in silence waiting in your request of guidance and clarity. Our divine spiritual guides are here to help us ascend and transcend our lives into what we truly and deeply desire.

To learn more about this connection with source & how it benefits you, listen to my free podcast here

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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