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Magic Of Clarity In Your Spiritual Journey

Well of course it’s obviously a MUST to have a continued flow of clarity in your spiritual expansion and life. Clarity gives us awareness and insight that can…

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The Results Of Spiritual Ascension In This Reality

There is a whole world ahead of you upon your spiritual ascension One of the most beautiful and divine things about being human is our ability to grow…

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Energy Opening Exercise

Opening Your Energy When Desired It’s important to know that since you are naturally protected by the Divine, your energy has a natural force field around it. Some…

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Exploring Spiritual Self Help

MY STORY OF TRANSFORMATION There is a profound transformation that spiritual self-help can bring to your life, as it did for mine. I went from incredibly depressed, suicidal…

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sheila mella

Sheila is a spiritual ascension mystic and the founder of Ivemanifest, that has been on a spiritual self help journey for almost 10 years now. Here to inspire others through bliss, peace and spiritual happiness, Sheila dedicates herself to expanding as a person to lift ad expand the collective.

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