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Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you become familiar with a future reality by experiencing it your mind before experiencing in your 3D reality. It is a tool that is used by athletes and professionals all around the world to help them feel into their desires with power.

Transcendental Visualizations are another form of visualization that take you to another level of being completely. The transformational experience of transcendental visualization can give you such high intensity experiences that can lead to instant manifestations and other mystical results.

Today we will be discussing my ultimate favorite way to achieve this, using one of the most powerful methods that I personally love, mindfulness.

The Method

As mentioned previously, the main factor in this method is using mindfulness. When we are visualizing, we usually make a scenario in our minds to focus on and bring the experience to life while playing it over and over again.

In this method of transcendental visualization, you will be picking a scenario to visualize BUT you will also be picking a scenario to re-enact on a physical level.


Imagine you are on the beach, you feel the warmth of the sun hitting your back, the sounds of the waves are music to your ears and the wind is just right. You’re safe, you’re healthy, you’re wealthy and everything is as perfect as it could be. Sounds pretty blissful right?

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Now how do we up level this visualization into a transcendental one? By adding physical elements to enhance the experience and re-enact the scenario to help you fully immerse!

For example, the warmth of the sun hitting your back can be compared to sitting in front of a sunny window and feeling the warmth that way. The sounds of the waves can be mimicked with playing actual ocean waves music in the background. Finally, the wind passing you just right can be a fan that you place on your side on the low setting.

All of this is done to mimic the same physical feelings you would feel being on the actual beach, but doing it at home instead. And when you have your eyes closed, visualizing that scenario and feeling the physical elements along with it that you created, you transform that visualization into a transcendental experience both internally & externally.


Now that you understand how to do this transcendental visualization, how can you step up your visualizations to help you experience them both internally and externally?

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Whether it be adding a fan, sitting in a certain position, placing specific textures around you that mimic the internal experience, you will experience a transcendental visualization experience by adding these elements externally.


The mind already is such a powerful and mystical tool. We have the abilities to manifest, heal, and push ourselves to limits that we may have not imagined we could do before. That is why visualization is such a wonderful tool to use when you are trying to create something new in your life.

This method of adding something external to your visualization is an act of mindfulness because you are no longer just seeing things in the future of your mind’s eye. But instead, you are now experiencing it in the present moment with your own physical senses, deeply heightening the impact of the moment, the experience and the reality of it truly existing.

Physical practice makes things a habit. Mental practice makes things a habit. When you combine the both with visualization, you create a mystical experience that so deeply aligns you with your reality that your body and mind agree with it in the most confidence and assurance.

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Experiences like this help us get so familiar with our desires in the present moment that it becomes a mindful and natural experience for us. Moments like this, repeatedly over time, ground us internally and externally in our desires that we manifest them with so much ease.

To learn more about transcendental visualizations and my own personal mystical experiences with this method, listen to my podcast episode all about it here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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