Become Your Biggest Fan With DSMT

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During your spiritual manifestation journey and this personal self development journey, you have multiple different jobs and missions for yourself. One of these missions is becoming your biggest fan, and I have found an easy way to accomplish this. You can become your biggest fan by using DSMT.

What the hell is DSMT?

Well great question. DSMT or Daily Self Motivational Talks is something I made up to refer to this very special tasks of encouraging yourself, motivating yourself and manifesting your desires through a specialized audio recording you make yourself.

These Daily Self Motivational Talks or DSMT serve you greatly in slowly shifting and reprogramming your mind into the person you desire to be or wanting to shed some more light on. Even if you’re not familiar with manifestation and the Law of Attraction, this beautiful daily tasks is something that will inspire you and keep you feeling amazing and wonderful about yourself.

Consider it DSMT your own personal hype man or woman!

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This idea came to me when I was on my way to a friend’s house and was practicing my use of affirmations and self assurance. After speaking for a bit, I honestly was a bit tired and started thinking, wouldn’t it be so much easier if I just had a recording of myself saying these things to listen to it instead of repeating it all the time?

And this is where the DSMT baby was born. That same day, or maybe even the next, I wrote down a series of words and phrases and began to record them with the most emotional and high vibrational feelings I could step into while saying them.

Afterwards I edited the recording, added some light meditation music and began the easy flow journey of listening to my reality daily. This daily tasks of listening to this simple yet powerful recording I made has changed my life and it can easily transform yours as well.

If you are interested in some pre-recorded DSMT on wealth, love and success, I have some available for you for FREE on my website here. If you would like a more personalized recording, continue reading below to find out how to make your own Daily Self Motivational Talk recording.

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How To Make Your Own DSMT

This is a very simple soul enriching tasks you can do to help you daily on manifesting your desires, reprogramming your mind and even giving yourself a confidence boost!

The steps to make this recording is as follows:

Write down a list of affirmations or phrases about yourself that you know to be true or want to be true. These affirmations must feel natural to say and natural to the way that you speak. You also want to write them in the present tense and speak in first person. Example: “I am so incredibly wealthy. Money just comes so easily to me I literally make money in my sleep. It feels so good to be this financially free and stable! I am just the best at attracting more money into my life. Damn this feels good!”

Record these phrases and affirmations on your phone or whatever recording device you have available. When recording these phrases you want to express them naturally and with excitement, joy, gratitude and love. Truly FEEL these words and phrases as you say them and record them. You want this recording to sound like someone with emotions and high intensity excitement was reading them. A good way to get into the mood is to read each phrase then close your eyes and visualize it being real right now. How would that make you feel?

Edit your recording once you are finished (OPTIONAL.) This is to add some nice meditation music, take out any unwanted noise or to simply add any other noise you would like.

Begin to listen to this recording DAILY. This is the most important step in this beautiful soul enriching process. Listening to this recording daily, preferably in the morning as well, will start to enhance these aspects in your life. Even if you aren’t feeling the excitement and joy as when you are listening to it versus the way you felt when you recorded them, your subconscious mind will start picking up on these phrases and affirmations.

Daily Self Motivational Talks are a great way to increase your self esteem, manifest your desires and step into a more aligned mind. You will see overtime that this simple tasks will build so much momentum in all aspects of your life.

To gain more spiritual manifestation insight you can check out my membership clubs here!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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