About The Founder

Hello! My name is Sheila Mella and I am the founder of Ivemanifest, a spiritual self help mystic company founded to inspire and guide souls into their higher most mystic selves. I am also a spiritual ascension mystic, a spiritual self help enthusiast and a green witch practitioner!

how the journey began

I began my own spiritual self help journey at the age of 14, when I finally took responsibility for my own life. I suffered through depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviors at a very young age. When I decided to start my journey, I knew I wanted something to change but I didn’t know where to start. Thankfully, the Universe provided me the way.

I was introduced to Buddhism shortly after in school and became completely fascinated with the ideas of enlightenment, peace and bliss. It was something I felt my soul truly drawn into and inspired me to take action in finding out more so I can heal and finally enjoy life.

This began the “rabbit hole” of spiritual self help and expansion! From here I continued to learn, continued to research and continued to embody these teachings, principles and methods of spiritual self help.

where the journey lead me

Every day was a step into something better and although I did have many ups and downs as I was now learning to cope with my emotions in a much healthier way, I never stopped my journey.

Fast forward now, almost 10 years later, I have completely transformed and changed my life for the better.

I am now in those states of enlightenment, peace and deep bliss within that I once wished for so deeply.

how ivemanifest started

It was through this same passion that I founded Ivemanifest in 2021 and had a desire to share this journey and inspire so many other people to begin their own spiritual self help expansion.

The idea first began with wooden manifestation boards as I love to craft and create things from scratch, but since then has transformed into a completely different idea.

When I began my journey back in 2014, my only wish was to have a desire to live and genuinely be happy being alive. As a result of this true desire, I manifested so many positive blessings, changes and gifts from the Universe that I never would’ve imagined could be my reality.

This is why Ivemanifest is now centered on the sole purpose of spiritual self help and the journey of true peace, bliss and happiness.

It just happens to be such a divine mystical synchronicity that through this journey, you will inevitably manifest everything you will ever dream of, because this is a natural blessing of truly setting your heart free.

Ivemanifest has taken many different forms and shapes as I continue to grow and the expansion continues to enlightenment.

As of today, Ivemanifest offers spiritual services, podcast and content to inspire you deeply, move your heart rapidly, into a beautiful blissful reality created only from within that manifest externally.

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I also offer special energy work and services to those in need, so please feel free to reach out to me personally for any and all questions!


Wishing so much blessings and love to you! -Sheila Mella

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