A Higher Consciousness Is Meant For You

Spiritual Growth And Ascension Is Meant For You In This Lifetime

The beauty of experiencing this reality

is that we have the power to transform it into absolutely anything we desire through the essence of our true nature.

We have been blessed with the duality of life, being given Divine permission to enjoy this human experience while also ascending into deep divine bliss through the Divine magic we can create.

This lifetime has been given to us with two choices :

Stay the same


In my own personal experience, this was a choice that HAD to be made. From the deep sorrows of my sadness, suicidal thoughts and unhealthy behaviors, the decision foretold my own fate.

I could either continue being the same withering away or to finally do something different about it.

Now fast forwarding almost 10 years later, the decision I made has brought me true happiness, an infinite amount of love within, and an expansive mindset in spirituality, manifestation and consciousness that continues to shift my reality every single day.

The Transformations I Created

My relationships, which were once violent, abusive and deeply manipulating, have been transformed completely to honest security, deep love and full compassion.

My income, which was once of poverty levels and distress, have now been transformed into an increasing income, a positive relationship with money and joy.

And the relationship with myself transformed the most. I now know how to cope with these feelings when I am not in alignment with my highest self.

I acknowledge when I need help, when it’s time for me to surrender and how to ease into divine trust and love for the blessings that continuously come my way.


This wasn’t something that happened overnight. As I mentioned before, 10 years passed to get me to this level of spiritual ascension. But that does not mean it needs to take that long for you.

This is where the Spiritual Manifestation Collective can help you transform your life in a spiritual mystical way.

A space I created to inspire you, guide you and provide Divine clarity and insight into the Divine higher consciousness.

In this collective space, you’ll receive:

  • Spiritual manifestation content on over 100+ spiritual topics in the format of videos, easy to follow guides and so much more
  • Monthly mystical collective readings to give you divine insight into what’s energetically coming
  • Transcendental & transformational guided meditations that will shift your vibrations with each session
  • Monthly bonus podcast from The Ivemanifest Podcast, a podcast created to inspire you on your spiritual manifestation journeys

This collective offers you a place to truly commit to your own spiritual growth and ascension. What’s even more refreshing is that this collective will always be updated with constant mystical content.

You are always receiving spiritual clarity and guidance that will guide you to the next higher levels of your journey.

As a way of showing you an exclusive sneak peak into this collective, I am offering you a Free 7 Day Trial to experience this collective and start transforming your life now.

how the free 7 day trial works

You can access the Free 7 Day Trial here by making a free account and entering the information requested. Remember this is a free 7 day trial so you will NOT be charged until after 7 day period is over.

This Free 7 Day Trial will only be open until September 15th, 2023, and from there this collective will only be for those who signed up for the spiritual ascension journey that is provided through SMC.

You can access your Free 7 Day Trial here and receive these tools right Now to begin opening your heart and soul to deep spiritual transformations meant for you in this lifetime.

free transformational tools for you

  • Intuitive tarot card reading into the energy of September
  • A bonus podcast made to inspire you and help you guide the path of clarity when it comes to your divine abilities
  • A transformational guided meditation made using the powerful energy of the recent Super Blue Moon, made to help you transmute and shift your emotional energetic field
  • Spiritual content on moon cycles to give you guidance on the powerful use of the moon and how it can transform your life now when used correctly



Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was a great honor talking to you today, God bless you and continue helping people – Danley J.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I loved my session with Sheila; It was insightful and very meaningful! This session gave me the clarity that I needed. Shelia has such a beautiful and genuine energy about her that just radiates! I am client for life :)!
I was very scared at first, but was very professional. Loved it !!! – Ruby H.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They’re honestly so helpful and caring, i’ve had some trouble with my path in life and my surroundings and needed help. I got much more than I asked for in all the best ways and I can never express my gratefulness enough, truly someone to talk with! – Crystal P.

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